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You’re Going to Sell Raffle Tickets!

It’s a Sunday morning and you’re getting ready for church like you normally would on any given Sunday. When you walk downstairs to eat breakfast with your mom tells you that your church is going to do a fundraiser and they have put you in charge! The fundraiser is going to be for a girl in your community who has just lost her house.

You know that you have to raise a lot of money and you don’t really have that much time so what are you going to do? Ideas start running through your head and none of them are going to be able to raise enough money until the thought just pops in your head. You’re going to sell raffle tickets!

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Raffle tickets are a great idea and you know that you will be able to raise the money you need. For one everyone loves the excitement of raffle tickets. You never know who will win. Also with raffle tickets you can buy as many as you want and your name goes into the drawing that many times. Another great thing about raffle tickets is that you get to go out shopping for the prize, and who doesn’t love to go shopping? Once you decide that you are to do a raffle drawing you go in front of the church that morning and announce what you are going to be doing. The church is so excited about the raffle drawing and people are lining up to buy tickets from you. Everyone at church tells you how awesome of an idea that the drawing is.

Once church is over that morning you decide that it is time to go shopping for a prize. When you are thinking about a prize you think about something that everyone would enjoy and could use on a daily basis. Some great ideas that you think of are an iPad, a big gift basket with tons of different things inside, and you even think about a visa gift card. Who doesn’t love getting a visa gift card? A visa gift card you can spend anywhere and buy whatever you wished to buy. You decide that a visa gift card would be the best idea.

People can be really be picky and rude sometimes so why not just give them what everyone would like to get…money. Instead of going out and going shopping all day you go to your local Walmart to get one of the gift cards. As you’re standing in line at Walmart you think about what amount to put on the card. Since you’re selling the tickets for five dollars apiece you decide that a one hundred fifty dollar gift card would be perfect. You are so glad that you chose the gift card idea because you did not have to go far from home and it is something that everyone can use and enjoy. You sell the tickets for two weeks and you sold over two-hundred raffle tickets!

You go to church on Sunday and you announce how much money that you have made and raised because of the wonderful raffle tickets! You thank the church for all of their help and now it’s time to draw the winning ticket! Everyone is quit and anxiously waiting to hear the number that you call out. Everyone is staring at you and hoping that you call their number and then…BAM the number is called out and you have a winner!

At the end of the drawing you are very proud of the decision that you have made and you are very thankful for raffle tickets!