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Fundraising Videos

Custom Printed Raffle Tickets Videos

Fundraising Videos

Raffle Fundraising Videos | Let’s Have a Raffle Fundraiser

With some awesome prizes, custom printed raffle tickets, and motivated volunteers to sell tickets, you have the basic elements in place to hold a simple, profitable fundraiser.

Boost Business with Raffle Tickets

You don’t need to be a non-profit or charitable organization to get a bang out of raffle tickets. This Fundraising Videos shows five ways to use custom printed raffle tickets to enhance your business.

Raffle Prizes | Prize Ideas

A fundraising raffle needs to have raffle prizes as the hook to sell raffle tickets. Raffle prize ideas are what you’ll find in this fun video.

Fundraising Ideas | Raffle Fundraiser

Looking for fundraising ideas for your non-profit organization? Consider holding a raffle fundraiser.

How to Print Your Own Raffle Tickets

If you think you may want to print your own raffle tickets, here’s how

Fundraising Videos

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