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Tips On Holding A Successful Raffle

Successful Raffle Tips

On holding a successful Raffle

Holding a raffle and selling raffle tickets is a great idea for a fundraiser.

Often you can even get your raffle prizes donated by offering to print the donor’s name on the raffle tickets. If you have a good cause for your raffle, you will find the business community will be happy to support you. Having their name printed on the raffle tickets is great advertising.

The most Successful Raffle Ideas generally have between one and four raffle prizes, with each prize described on the printed raffle tickets. When you decide on the selling price of your Cheap Raffle Tickets, keep in mind the market value of the raffle prizes. For expensive prizes (valued at more than $1,000) it is not uncommon to see prices on the raffle tickets of $5 or more.

Raffles with prizes of a lesser value often price their raffle tickets at $1 to $3 each. It is a great idea to encourage the raffle ticket buyer to purchase multiple raffle tickets; often raffle tickets are sold with quantity discounts, i.e. “Donation: $1 each – 6 for $5.”

Selling Your Raffle Tickets

You should enlist all the members of your group. Ask them to encourage their friends, family and colleagues to sell the raffle tickets. See if they can post flyers at their workplace, club or church, describing the raffle with a contact number to purchase raffle tickets. If you have ordered your raffle tickets from us, we will offer you discounted pricing on your raffle ticket flyers.

It is a good idea to offer a prize to the person who sells the most raffle tickets. The prize need not be expensive, just a little something to help motivate them to sell more raffle tickets.

Tell your sellers to keep some raffle tickets in their car; you never know when an opportunity will present itself.

Shopping centers and big box stores will often let you sell raffle tickets by their entrance. Public, outdoor events such as little league games, fairs and concerts are great opportunities to sell raffle tickets. Be sure to ask permission of the person(s) holding the event before you begin selling raffle tickets. If they like your cause, they may even make an announcement and/or offer to sell raffle tickets for you.

Since you will more than likely be distributing the raffle tickets to numerous people, it is imperative that the raffle tickets be numbered and that you keep a log showing which group of raffle tickets each person has.