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Raffle Sales Tips

Custom Printed Raffle Tickets How to Sell

Helpful ideas for your Raffle

Notes for raffle organizers:

You will need to organize ticket sellers, keep a record of ticket distribution, and collect cash. Numbered Print Raffle Tickets make it easy to keep track of which tickets are given to which sellers. Adding a little friendly competition into the mix might be a good idea; offer a reward or prize for whomever sells the most raffle tickets. Allow at least one month for raffle ticket sales, and keep a chart or graph that highlights the progress of sellers.

Make sure that any rules or guidelines for the raffle are known and followed by all involved. Does the buyer need to be present to win? Do you need the buyer’s address on the raffle ticket, or just the name and phone number? What is the price of each raffle ticket? What are the prizes to be given out? What forms of payment will you accept for Raffletickets? Are there any local regulations or ordinances that restrict your raffle?

You may wish to combine raffle ticket sales with some other event. If your group hosts a carnival, concert, or other attraction, admission tickets can also serve as Custom Printed Raffle Tickets.

You need not spend a lot in advertising to get the word out about your raffle. Many local groups and businesses would probably love to support your cause. Contact local police and fire departments; see if they’d be willing to buy raffle tickets or help promote your raffle. Ask local churches and charity groups if they can help out. Talk to grocery store managers; see if they’ll let you set a table up outside their store to allow you to promote your raffle and sell your raffle tickets. Contact TV and radio stations to try to arrange some coverage of your raffle fundraiser.

Notes for ticket sellers:

Set a goal for yourself. How many raffle tickets would you like to sell? Make definite plans for when and where you will go out selling.

You have to tell people about the raffle to sell raffle tickets! Talk about the event to friends, family members, and neighbors. When someone says, “What’s new?” tell the person that you’re selling raffle tickets. Talk about your organization, what its goals are, and what the money will be used for.

Ask for the sale. Sincerity is the only key ingredient you need. If you believe in your cause, your cause will sell itself. All you have to do is say, “Hey, you want to buy some raffle tickets?”