What Others Say About Us:

Our past raffles using your ticket service have been very effective.  Your process has been prompt and user friendly.  Since using your service, we have mailed tickets to our membership and gotten a very good response.  Previously we had sold tickets on site at the library.  This was not as successful and involved a great deal of volunteer time.
Thank you for asking for feedback.  Wouldn’t change a thing.  Keep on doing what you’re doing,
Friends of the Fox Chase Library    1/19/17

They were great to work with last year. There was no question as to where we would go this year

Colleen H.    2/03/17

I just received the raffle tickets – thank you so very much for getting these taken care of in such a short time frame!! I really appreciate your help! They look awesome – I love the colors!
Thank you,

Crista S.      1/3017

Always easy and have never been let down year after year!

Michele J.      12/27/17

Great company to work with! Very pleased with the printing, speedy service and friendly customer service. Have ordered from A to Z Discount Printing for many years and will continue to do so!

Sharon V.    3/21/17

I have used this website multiple times for ordering raffle tickets. Great quality. great service, and very timely on delivery! Highly recommended.

Valerie S.   3/22/17

We raised $5000 dollars last year with our raffle.  The really nice tickets you printed for us were very professional and certainly helped in the sale.  Looking forward to doing it again in the fall. Thanks.
Marcel    3/17/17


The raffle always turns out well.  We are going to try a new spin on it this year and will absolutely be ordering from you.  I have also recommended you to another organization who ordered from you last fall.

Maureen R.   3/16/17

We have used your tickets for two raffles and have had great success. Thank you. 

Paul V.    11/29/16

perfect as usual . It’s always a pleasure to work with your staff , I can always depend on you. The tickets are the great They will be pleased.Thanks

Duann    11/28/16


The raffle went great. We didnt sell as many as the year before, but that was our fault. We love using your services. The tickets are perfect, the price is great and the turnaround is quick. Do not change anything. We are planning to use your services for our annual charity event well into the future.

Thank you again from the Greater Louisville Darting Association!

-Kenneth N.     11/23/16

Always use you guys, couldn’t be easier and your product is always shipped quickly and error free!

George A.   11/19/16

Our 7th year using A to Z’s raffle tickets, they are the best! Excellent service, excellent product!

Michael C.      11/17/16

Raffle ticket.com has been a tremendous asset to our organization for almost 5 years. We rate them with giving excellent service

Carolyn M.   11-10-16

I received the tickets today and they look great!
Thank you for all your help,
Christine H.   11-3-16

Another Job well done!

Carol B.  11/1/16

Our raffle went great last year that we ordered again this year and we are expecting great results. Thank you!

Karen H.     12/15/17

We have been using RaffleTicket.com for 5 years.  Excellent service, professional and easy to work with.
George C.     10/26/16

It went great. The tickets were perfect. I keep reminding everyone of how wonderful A-Z Printing is. Thank you for staying in touch with me.

Rysta B.  10/26/16

The fundraiser went well, it is super easy if everyone participates. Since this was done with a college baseball team, some of the players quit or got injured and didn’t sell their portion. This year the coach is requiring the kids to sell them or submit the money. Each player is responsible to sell 25 tickets.
I got this years tickets from you again, they are great! Your service and turn around is awesome, so easy!
Have a good day!
Audrey S.    10/26/16


The fundraising was a success I want to thank you all for doing an excellent job thank you

Benitris  E.   3/23/17

We received the tickets and, as usual, they are fabulous!


Rena J.     3/31/17

We were very happy with the tickets we ordered last year.  We are working on determining if we will be hosting the event again this year.  If we decide we will hold it, you will be our choice for our printing needs!
Thank you so much!

Amber S.   4/4/17

Received.  And we are very pleased with both the tickets and the speedy service. Thanks.

Judy S.   4/6/17
Last year’s raffle tickets were a great success and as I passed the word around that we could use you for even smaller ticket orders, I believe a few folks might have contacted you.
I will be contacting you later this year as soon as we decide on this year’s raffle prizes for our summer event.
You guys do a wonderful job and save me an awful lot of work as I used to do these via an Access program wrote.
Talk to you soon,
Pat S.               4/5/17


We get our Wasco Memorial Day Raffle tickets every year from you because they look so professional and you have great service.

Joyce O.   4/11/17

It went great. It’s mandatory that our members sell every raffle ticket or they are required to purchase them theirselves. It’s really not hard, we give them months and months to sell 20, so we make a profit each year of around 5-6 thousand, which then pays for the leases on the property we hunt, food for our cookouts, and supplies during hunting season. Thanks again, seamless process and we will be a customer for life. 

Adam L.    6/15/17

The order went well. This is the second time we have used your services. Always quick & efficient.
Thanks, Ebonik   6/14/2017

been using you for three years now and love it

Donato B.   6/20/17

As always, I appreciate the great service. Thank you for all your help.
Claire     6/16/17
Thank you so much for your wonderful work we got the tickets on Tuesday perfect.
Julie M. 6/23/17


I have used A to Z multiple times before. The tickets are consistently shipped well, created well, and arrive in a timely manner.

Dawn R.   6/30/17

Your company is the best. I will be using you in the future. Thank you.

Heather F.  7/13/17

Great & professional service!! This is my second year as a satisfied customer, I would definitely recommend this company. They accepted my order past the requested time and assured me the tickets would be delivered on-time!

Timothy K.    7/19/17

Just wanted to let you know that I received the tickets and I am completely satisfied with them you did a great job.

Fern A  7/23/17


I love the ease of ordering. When I’ve had to call, my questions are always answered promptly as well as efficiently. I also really appreciate that I am able to speak to a person who speaks English as thier first language!

Donna T.    7/26/17

This is my 3rd year using your service. Always Awesome!

Leigh Anne W.   8/2/17

Thank you so much for your follow-up, and your awesome turnaround time.

Heather D.     8/8/17

Great Company to do business with ***** I have ordered tickets several times and results have always been GREAT!

Steve H.     8/03/17

These guys are very quick with delivery with an excellent product. This makes the second time I have ordered from them and I will continue to come back.

William T.    8/13/17

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