A Team Benefits From Raffle Ticket Sales

Iѕ уоur sports team іn nееd оf rаіѕіng fundѕ fоr a worthy рrоjесt? Rаfflе tісkеt ѕаlеѕ аrе еffесtіvе (and ѕіmрlе) fundraisers!

“Imрасt a Lіfе” соllеgе ѕсhоlаrѕhір еѕѕауіѕt Marc Mendoza dоеѕ a ѕрlеndіd jоb іn оutlіnіng thе mаnу bеnеfіtѕ and a formula fоr hоldіng a ѕuссеѕѕful rаfflе fundrаіѕеr.

Marc is a student at Marymount University studying Physical Therapy. Good luck with your studies Marc!

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Marc Mendoza
Yоu саn hеlÑ€ Marc Mendoza’s pursuit оf a scholarship award bу сlісkÑ–ng the “sharing Ñ–Ñ• саrÑ–ng” buttоnÑ• bеlоw.


I was part of a raffle in my own in 2012 with my club travel soccer team. I played for Team America ‘97 which is a soccer team in Northern Virginia. We got invited to play at a major tournament in Texas known as Dallas Cup. We got invited sometime in the fall and the tournament was during spring break. We had a few months to raise funds for the trip. The goal was to raise about 2,000 per player so the team could afford to fly to Texas and stay there for a week. We decided as a team to do a raffle. The prize was a new 60 inch Samsung smart TV. We were to sell tickets at $5.00 each for a chance to win the 60 inch Samsung smart TV. On the ticket they would put their name and phone number in case they were to win.

It was a great way to raise money for our soccer trip to Dallas. Almost all 23 players raised the necessary amount. Convincing people in our community to buy raffle tickets and help our cause was challenging. We really had to work to sell them. Some players got help from their parents on selling the tickets but others such as myself were on our own to earn our raffle money. We fund raised to friends, family, neighbors, and random people at social gatherings or sporting events. We got rejected more times than not from strangers but as time went on we got better and better at selling our cause and convincing people to buy the raffle tickets.

As a team we helped to make donations at local homeless shelters and churches. Photos and word of this community team outreach got out through our team’s social media pages which benefited up tremendously. Those who saw our generous efforts online found out about our fund raiser and bought many raffle tickets. I earned about $2,200 by selling 440 raffle tickets. It was a hard task to do on my own but I convinced people by ensuring them that it was a smart TV that they were only investing 5 dollars into. During this time smart TVs were a new popular trend and a 60 in smart TV would have cost you about $800. The interest in the new Samsung Smart TVs which were voice controlled intrigued some people to invest in our fund raiser. Others, especially former athletes, invested to help out a local team who are on their way to one of the biggest competitions in the country.

We achieved to raise the adequate amount of funds for the trip. This helped to make our trip much more manageable and memorable. But also we gave away a free smart TV to a lucky someone. We also educated the community on what our team was up to and kept them updated in the future. We helped the community when we visited and donated toys to local churches. The community had a chance to win a smart TV at a raffle. I was enriched by the experience because I learned that you have to work for what you want. To get people to invest or take a chance for you, you really gotta sell yourself and/or the product you are offering. This will help me with my people skills in my future when I become a doctorate of physical therapy.

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