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How to Correctly Implement a Raffle Fundraiser

Non-profit organizations provide a great opportunity for individuals in a community to get together for a singular purpose. Although, the finances responsible to keep these establishments operational aren’t going to pay themselves! That’s where fundraisers come in. And there’s a key word that should not be overlooked by any means: Fun!

Raffle fundraisers are a fantastic way to engage the community of any organization in a positive way. It offers a sense of equality and control. Each person who enters has the same odds of winning as the next. But you can choose to increase your odds by buying more tickets, just as they can. Having tickets given or assigned to you, also offers a sense of identity in the raffle. Your raffle tickets are totally unique to you. I’ve often found myself personally invested in a single ticket to a great degree. “Come on! I’m number 102378!!!!”

Once you’ve purchased your tickets, your job is done. There’s no further involvement or participation on your end. Which for some people who are shy, is a great relief. Unless you win that is! But that’s a totally different spotlight!

People love suspense. The allure of having your numbers called out in perfect order is tantalizing. Having that dream become a reality is often more than just winning the raffle. It makes people feel lucky. Which is a great feeling to have. Everyone always says they’re the type to never win anything like a raffle. So when it happens, boy does it feel good! This will always gives you a very warm positive memory of the organization, which is sure to keep you happily involved in the future.

Raffle fundraisers are won by luck, but the money raised during them isn’t. Organizations should strive to improve their strategies for maximizing sales, and growing the number of participants.
The individuals designated as the ticket sellers should focus on their engagement with the potential customer, utilizing tricks such as:
-Making eye contact and smiling.

-Encouraging that the funds are going to a great cause.

-Be ready in advance to highlight the specifics of the cause if the person asks about it.

-Offer deals for buying multiple tickets. (Such as 1 for 2 dollars. 3 for 5 dollars.)

-Attempt to go around and make last minute sales. Working off of the pitch that “It’s starting soon! Get your ticket’s now!”

All of these tactics are good and well. Yet if the prize or prizes being raffled off aren’t appealing, the community of your organization still may not respond well.
While assigning prizes to your raffle, try and keep these tips in mind.

-Avoid setting the prizes as non-materialistic items, such as a cruise or a day at a spa. Most people want to physically be able to see and receive the prize they are winning then and there. They want to be able to envision it in their possession.

-Keep prizes fairly relevant to all age groups and demographics. Generally accepted luxuries or essentials should be a focus point for prizes.

-If multiple prizes are awarded (first drawn matching ticket is 1st place, second drawn matching ticket is 2nd place ETC), make an effort to keep the values relatively similar. While it’s natural for the value of prizes to lower respectively from place to place, keep that to a minimum. Individuals may feel disheartened or insulted if they received something significantly lesser in value than the previous winner.

Raffle fundraisers, when executed correctly, can heavily enhance the financial capabilities of any non-profit organization. So keep it fun, and keep raising! An organizations great idea and innovations might just be the winning ticket!