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Zachary Bopp

Zachary Bopp Dec. 28, 2015 Describe how non-profit organizations, (including church groups, civic groups, youth sports organizations) can best derive benefit for their fundraising effort by holding a raffle fundraiser. Offer proposals for a) maximizing the sales of their raffle tickets b) prizes that would encourage and stimulate ticket sales c) suggested ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets. Non-profit organizations are a great way to encourage raffle fundraising. These organizations will help promote sponsors by getting them involved and making them aware of a cause. This will therefore encourage them to donate money in regards to there generosity. They will want to feel a positive vibe as they give money to various organizations, and in return they will feel hope and sincerity. Raffle fundraising is an effective approach to take in order to gain trust from citizens and other organizations who want to support a cause. As donations to non-profit organizations increase, this will increase the number of attendees and therefore there will be more awareness of the organization and make people aware of the purpose of the organization. There are many methods that can be used to maximize the sales of raffle tickets. One of the main strategies that can be used is by advertising in both local newspapers and magazines. Advertising can also be used online such as search engine websites, ticketing websites and searches that are related to the non-profit organizations objective. Flyers and business cards can also be used as advertisement. Another strategy that can be used is by marketing at both local and surrounding conventions to promote awareness. This will attract businesses, outside guests, employees and tourists. Lastly, a strategy that can be used is by word-of –mouth. As people talk to one-another, they mention some of their interests, leading to related topics, and lastly the non-profit organization and raffle fundraising can be mentioned in conversation. All of these strategies can be used to influence the public to support a worthy cause and assist in raffle fundraising. There are various prizes that can be given out to encourage raffle fundraising and promote sponsors. Some of these prizes may include electronic devices such as iPods, iPads, Mp3 Players, or portable DVD Players. Other prizes that can be offered are books, gift certificates, exercise equipment, or furniture. All of these can encourage and drive people to want to donate money, as they are tempted to want to receive something in return. If you give something, something good will come out of it, such as a gift or a feeling of appreciation. There are many ways that can motivate volunteers to sell more tickets. By noticing what good can come from an organization, it can help volunteers stay with the organization for a longer period of time and encourage them to sell more raffle tickets. Selling more raffle tickets will motivate volunteers to work harder. By pursuing a major in Urban Planning, I will have a career that is dedicated to improving people’s lives by making better environments in which to live and work. This major will allow me to work with people who might wish to volunteer in non-profit organizations and teach them about the advantages of selling raffle tickets. I would make them aware that it’s for a good cause and any donation will help provide assistance to individuals and families who are in need of financial assistance. The money that is earned will provide people with an income that can Zachary Bopp Dec. 28, 2015 be used toward food and shelter. Low-income families appreciate the income that will help with them overcome poverty. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to use as many techniques as they can to encourage raffle fundraising, which in return will help sponsor more volunteers that are needed to gain people to donate.