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Your Youth Sports Organization Can Benefit From a Raffle Fundraiser by Madeline See

Your Youth Sports Organization Can Benefit From a Raffle Fundraiser by Madeline See


A youth sports organization can greatly benefit from holding a raffle fundraiser.  Not only will it allow for recognition of the program but it also would work to raise money for them. To have a successful raffle fundraiser you need some key components: a good location, the right prizes, and motivated sellers.  For my example, I will be using a local middle school boys basketball team.



The best place for a group like this to conduct their raffle is actually at a basketball game in the local area, like the high school varsity team’s game.  By doing the raffle here, the team already found a group of people supportive of the idea of basketball, which will help them to increase their sales of tickets.  Also to help maximize profits, the best items to raffle off are items given to the program by donation. This way, the raffle items will not deduct from the profit of the raffle itself.  Anything you can get from the local area, like gift cards, sports memorabilia, local high school/university fan wear, would work for the raffle because those are things people would be interested in winning.  Also when selling the tickets, encourage the idea of buying more tickets.  To do this, offer for example 1 ticket for $5 and 5 tickets for $20.   If people believe they are getting a good deal, they are more inclined to buy the 5 tickets instead.


Another important factor when it comes to having a successful raffle is having willing and hardworking raffle ticket sellers and by making sure your audience knows about the raffle.  This can be achieved in a few ways.  At the venue of the high school varsity basketball game this can be easily done.  To make sure everyone is aware of the raffle, announce the idea of the raffle over the gym sound system before the game and during the half time saying you will be selling the tickets for these to prizes to help raise money for the local youth basketball program and that you will be doing the drawing at the end of the third quarter.


When you begin selling tickets you need both stationary and mobile sales places.  Have volunteer parents and coaches from the program set up both a stand near the admissions gate and near the concession stand.  This way when people are entering and getting food they have the opportunity to buy tickets.  For the people already in the stands, have the players from the program energetically and happily walk around the stands before the game, during quarter time out, and half time to sell tickets.  To motivate them to sell tickets, give them the incentive that the top two sellers get a prize, either new Nike socks or something of that sort. The incentive of winning something will encourage them to try and sell more than everyone else. Make sure the players are well rehearsed in what to say to the people they are trying to sell the tickets to; they need to say how they are doing this raffle to help raise money for their local youth basketball program and how it might benefit them: new uniforms, more games, new equipment or goals, or a tournament. When people know that by participating in the raffle it is helping their local youth and how, they are more inclined to buy tickets.

With the right venue, prizes, and plan of attack, running a raffle fundraiser can be very beneficial for a youth program like this one.  It not only can help raise money for the program, but also help gain recognition for the program.


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Contributed by Madeline See