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Your Organization Can Benefit Immensely From a Raffle Drawing by Jeremy Breece

Your Organization Can Benefit Immensely From a Raffle Drawing by Jeremy Breece


Non-profit organizations can benefit immensely from a raffle drawing, but like all fundraisers it must be executed correctly to get the best results.  Three combined methods can give you the desired results: price setting, motivating prizes, and motivated sellers.


Setting the price of your raffle tickets will determine how successful your event is.  If the price is too low then you will not make any money, while if the price is too high then no one will buy your tickets.  The key is finding that happy medium.  I would suggest keeping your price under a dollar, even if your price is 99 cents that tricks the brain to think that price is nothing and in a way it is. While if the price is over a dollar the price may be seen as too high and not worth it.  But, how will money ever be made when the price is that low?  One thing to remember is that everything adds up.  Let us say that your price is 50 cents per ticket.  Even after ten tickets are sold you will have five dollars.  Now if you have 20 people buy ten tickets each, then that is 100 dollars!  Puts things in perspective doesn’t it?  It may seem that ten tickets per person is impossible, but it is very doable if the price is right.  Another strategy that I would suggest is giving people deals.  For instance, if your price is still 50 cents per ticket then you could advertise a great deal of 30 tickets for ten dollars (value of 15) to be bought.  This will help motivate people to buy in bigger amounts.  Although for bigger amounts you may need something more and this rides on the quality of your prizes.


Getting quality prizes that people want is a hard task to tackle.  Most of your prizes are going to be donated, so how do you get good prizes that people want to buy tickets for?  The first step is deciding what type of prizes you need.  Look at the group that you are selling the tickets to and select prizes that they would want.  Keep in mind that your buyer’s interests probably have something to do with what you are raising money for or where you are raising the money.  For instance, if you are raising money to protect animals then a bubble gum machine would not be appropriate, while a chew toy or a stray pet would be.  Now that you know what prizes would work, you need to get those prizes!  There are three places to go for the prizes that you wish to get.  The first place would be to go right to the manufacturer.  Keeping with our pervious scenario, you may try Pet Smart.  If you are persistent and state your cause, they may be willing to donate some prizes.  For every cause there is some company that relates in product or purpose and may be willing to donate.  If the first place you go to turns you down, don’t give up; try another!  If everyone says no then you should go on to your next best resource, the internet!  Try comparing prices to see if you can get a cheap deal on your desired prize. eBay is a great place to look or any other bargain site.  You may also want to check your local thrift stores; you never know what you may find!  If you find nothing there, then reach out to the people in your organization, including current supporters.  This is a last place to go after all else has failed.  This is because you never know what you might get.  You want your prizes to be in good condition and you may not get that with donations of this type.  A good way to avoid damaged and used donations is by clarifying that all donations must be new.  Another issue with doing donations in this way is it is difficult to control what type of prizes you get.  Once you get your desired prizes, you are on the way to success.  While the prizes get the buyers motivated, you still need something to motivate the people who are selling the tickets.


 Tickets do not sell themselves, even if you have the best prize in the world.  You need to be careful when choosing the people to sell tickets.  You need outgoing people who are motivated to sell those tickets!  You want someone who is outgoing and ready to show people what the cause is about; you also want someone who knows what the cause is about so they can answer any questions that anyone may have.  The easiest way to do this is to find people who are already involved in your cause.  If they are motivated about the cause, then they will be motivated to help the cause by selling tickets.  The next action to take is to be nice to your volunteers.  If it is going to be a long day, provide food and water.  The best action to take is to be there and working yourself.


The strategies in this paper are some of the ways to improve raffle sales.  No matter what the money is being raise for, these strategies can bring success.


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Contributed by Jeremy Breece