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What Really Gets People Excited to Buy Raffle Tickets by Sarah James

What Really Gets People Excited to Buy Raffle Tickets by Sarah James


Raffles. Everyone knows about them and many have bought tickets for a chance to win. Raffles are a great way for non-profit organizations to raise money. They can be a great fundraiser for non-profit organizations. The success of a raffle depends on how many raffle tickets the organization is able to sell. There are ways to improve ticket sales such as: advertising deals, lavish prizes, and motivated volunteers.


The organization can offer a deal for early purchases of tickets. This is a great way to maximize on ticket sales. This deal can be similar to four tickets for a dollar instead of the normal two tickets for a dollar on the day of the raffle. This will allow for people to get a deal and make it very likely for them to purchase more tickets. Not only will ticket sales be high, the organization will also get an idea of how much they will make in the fundraiser. However, having a deal will be worth nothing if it is not properly advertised. Advertising for raffles does not need to be extravagant. Posters, flyers, and announcements will service organizations very well. They are also good because of their low cost. Advertising and deals are not the only things that will help ticket sales.


What really gets people excited, to buy raffle tickets, are lavish prizes. The prizes need to look expensive but need to be practically free to the organization. The best way to achieve this is to ask for donations of a five to ten dollar item that fits into a specific theme. Then, organize the items into big beautiful themed baskets. The baskets can be themes like movie night, barbeque dinner, or even gardening. This way the prizes are large and attention grabbing, but the organization paid little to none for them. Everything they make from the raffle can be used for what they need, leading to a successful fundraiser.


The true success of the raffle, however, lies with the work of the volunteers. They are the ones that need to want to sell tickets. If they do not sell the tickets, there is no way for the organization to raise the money it needs. This means there needs to be motivation for the volunteers. One way to do this is to have another raffle. Instead of needing money to purchase tickets for the raffle the volunteers need to sell tickets in order to get tickets. For instance, when a volunteer sells ten tickets they get one ticket in the raffle for the volunteers. There will need to be a prize but it does not need to be as large as lavish prizes offered in the original raffle. This will keep the volunteers motivated, in turn keeping ticket sales high.


There are many different ways to improve and change a raffle to fit any occasion. Raffles are a great way to raise money or just have some fun. They are easy to advertised, can be themed, and even used as motivation. Every non-profit organization should try a raffle for their next fundraiser.

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Contributed by Sarah James