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What Better Way to Raise Money Than With a Raffle by Breanna Livingston

What Better Way to Raise Money Than With a Raffle by Breanna Livingston


Nonprofit organizations are all about raising money. What better way to do this than holding a raffle fundraiser? These organizations can actually benefit from this form of fundraising.  Nonprofit organizations could benefit from this by stimulating the sale of tickets by advertising it as something you don't want to miss out on, have prizes such as coupons and gift cards, and motivating volunteers by having a competition to see who can sell the most. These are all ways nonprofit organizations can benefit from a raffle fundraiser.

 Boosting the ticket sale is very important in fundraisers such as this. In order for the organizations to succeed, it's important that sales skyrocket. One way to do this is host an event that the raffle tickets will be drawn at. Advertising the event is key. Claiming it to be "the event of the year" or, "the event that no one will want to miss out on". Advertising can make or break your fundraiser. Talking up the raffles will greatly benefit your organization because everyone will want to buy one. Everyone likes to feel included and in the loop. Spending the majority of your time advertising is key to a successful raffle fundraiser.

 Everyone likes free stuff. Promoting prizes for the winner of the raffle will encourage ticket sales. People are more inclined to buy the ticket if they know something is in it for them. Even if it really isn't "free". Prizes like coupons and gift cards are something that literally everyone can put to use. They think of it as free money. People will buy more tickets thinking that they have a greater chance of winning. But, if you promote gifts like candy, things that don't appeal to our generation, sale will not boost. You have to think about the consumers and the people who are really buying it. If your event is for kids, don't have kid prizes. Think about who has the money. Not the children. People always do more when they know there is something in it for them.

 Motivating the people who are actually selling the tickets is another important part. If there's nothing to strive for, then they are not committed to selling. Making it a competition between the volunteers is a good way to drive them to sell more. People are competitive. It's human nature. We all want to win and be the best. Like it's mentioned above, people are more motivated to do something if it means receiving something. Even if it is just a title of the volunteer who sold the most raffle tickets. Because the organizations are nonprofit, it's important that they think they're getting something out of it. Unfortunately it's the way people think.

Making raffle fundraisers beneficial to nonprofit organizations is really about mind games. Advertising it to be something bigger than it is, giving away prizes, and motivating volunteers are all ways to boost raffle ticket sales to make sure the organization truly benefits from the fundraiser.

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Contributed by Breanna Livingston

December 16, 2015