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Utilizing a Raffle in a Retail Setting Can Have Great Outcomes by James McKenna

Utilizing a Raffle in a Retail Setting Can Have  Great Outcomes  by James McKenna


 Utilizing a raffle in a store or retail setting can have many great outcomes for both the stores and the customers. When having a raffle, the store can get its name out into the public, the customers can have something that they can look forward to, and can also win some great prizes. Not only can businesses and customers benefit, but also; charities, groups, and organizations can get their causes known to the public and can draw more attention to their cause. All of these and more are the reasons that just having a simple raffle can greatly benefit all who are involved.

When setting up a raffle, most businesses usually start out by planning what their goal is, what they will give away as a prize, who can enter, and so on. Not only is this a vital part to the process, this is the part where businesses can maximize their reach and gain as much publicity as they need in order to have a successful event. Raffles can be advertised on flyers, TV, radio, products, and so much more. Raffles get people talking, and make them excited to be a part of the cause. The more that it is advertised, the more people will know about it and they can keep spreading the word for others to check out and join.

Customers can also benefit from raffles because they can have an opportunity to win unique or useful prizes. I know for myself personally, there is a local store in my city that has a raffle drawing every two-three weeks. The process is pretty well advertised, so there is a lot of people that enter. All you have to do is enter your receipt, with your name, into a box. The more receipts you have entered, the better your chances of winning. They do pretty well with keeping their prices competitive, ad-match, and coupons. This is what makes me and so many other want to shop their over another store. There is a very noticeable increase in customers in the store and I think that their plan is working. More people are shopping there and the customers get something back, if they were to win.

Another great opportunity for businesses to make an impact by having raffles is to get involved with the community, and prove that they care about their customers and the community that they are located in.  Groups and organizations can hold raffles at local businesses and raffle off prizes donated by the company. The groups can get the funds that they need, people can help out great causes. In return, the companies get good publicity, people know more about them, people win prizes and the community can benefit as a whole.

Holding raffles for businesses is a great way to not only help themselves, but to also do good for others and even the communities in which they’re in. Businesses can get their name known, customers can get win prizes, and groups and organizations can get their causes out into the public and get the help they need. In the end everyone wins because they were able to be a part of something that helped another person out.


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Contributed by James McKenna