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Use These Critical Factors to Sell More Raffle Tickets by Danielle Manley

Use These Critical Factors to Sell More Raffle Tickets by Danielle Manley


There are a few things that I think are critical in maximizing sales of raffle tickets, specifically for non-profit organizations. I believe that giving an adequate amount of time for the tickets to be sold is extremely important in maximizing ticket sales. If there is not enough time for tickets to be exposed to different groups of people and sold, the sales cannot reach its peak.


Secondly, there needs to be a group effort and commitment in selling a certain number of tickets in order to maximize sales. If there is a common goal that everyone needs to reach, it makes people want to reach, if not surpass that number, thus helping to maximize sales. Lastly, being diverse is the best way to maximize sales. A lot of groups that are preparing for a raffle sale make the mistake of only asking people they know, or just asking people that seem as if they would be interested in the thing they are selling the raffle for; doing that limits your number of sales because you are not opening it up to a larger crowd of people. Asking any and everyone, even if they do not seem like a person that would be interested is the best way to maximize sales.

The prizes that would stimulate sales would be ones that the majority of people in our country have now or would like to have. Not only that but it would need to be something that if the person already has it they would not mind having more than one of that thing, or our prize is an upgrade to the one that they currently have. Money is always a great prize that most people would not mind having more of. Being offered a portion of the raffle money as a prize would be a great incentive. A form of a gift card would be an incentive as well, preferably a Visa type of gift card or one that can be used in more than one place. Cards that are specifically for one location limits the amount of people that may be interested in participating. For example if the prize was a Starbucks gift card for $50, I would not sign up simply because I do not drink coffee. Being universal is the key here.

As I previously stated, people are likely to sell more when there is a target to reach. As humans we tend to naturally want to compete with others. Just the thought of being recognized in front of the whole church for something as simple as selling the most tickets for the church play can encourage people to sell more tickets.

Another way to motivate volunteers is to explain the great impact that this will have on the organization they are a part of. If the people know that they can make a large positive impact on their community, they may be more prone to being involved and trying their best. Lastly, a prize in the end will almost always motivate people to do better. The prize does not have to be money since these people are volunteers and do not expect to receive monetary gifts, but they could be; a gift card or a recognition plaque, trophy or ribbon, or even a free meal. Since the people selling the tickets are volunteers we would hope that it does not take much to motivate them to sell tickets. They probably signed up not expecting to gain anything, but just to help their organization in the first place. We must think simple and realistic in order to be successful. 

A raffle will allow for more exposure to that particular business. If you are acknowledging the business during the selling process in ways such as word of mouth or having tickets with your businesses name on it, your business will gain free promotion. If the business provides a raffle with a prize that a majority of people like and you somehow publically make known who the winner of the raffle is people will be attracted to that business. Making a commitment to give out a prize and actually giving it out will allow for people to feel comfortable with investing in that business and build their customer loyalty.


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Contributed by Danielle Manley