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Top Tips for Maximum Raffle Ticket Sales by Taylor Smith

Top Tips for Maximum Raffle Ticket Sales by Taylor Smith


Non-profit organizations frequently use raffle fundraisers as a way to gain funds for miscellaneous activities to benefit their members or even to help the community.

For an organization to maximize the sale of raffle tickets they could post flyers around town advertising what they are fundraising for. Organizations could also provide local businesses with a few tickets to sell to the public. Non-profit organizations could also call local radio stations to see if they would be able to announce the fundraiser on air. They could also create a social media page and have all the members share it with their friends.

Another way to maximize the sales of raffle tickets is making sure the raffle tickets are priced correctly. If the raffle tickets are priced too high then less tickets are going to be purchased, where as if the tickets are very inexpensive selling a lot of tickets will not provide a large amount of money.

It can sometimes be difficult to encourage and stimulate ticket sales when multiple organizations are selling raffle tickets. Prizes can be a great way to stand out from other raffles. Prizes do not always have to be expensive either; reach out to local restaurants and businesses for donations are a great way to include a prize without spending a significant amount of money.

Another prize that is commonly used is awarding money to the winning ticket, such as giving a percent of the funds earned to the winning ticket. An effective method to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets is to create a chart and place it where all volunteers will see measuring how many tickets each volunteer has sold, making sure to update the chart daily. This method is great to create competitiveness among volunteers, each wanting to sell the most.

Another way is to award opportunities to those who sell a specific amount of tickets. Organizations could also hold a dinner after all the tickets are sold to recognize the individuals who went above and beyond to sell tickets. Creating a reward for the volunteer who sold the winning ticket is another great way to motivate ticket sales. The reward could for the volunteer who sold the winning ticket doesn’t have to be huge, examples would be $20 in lottery tickets, or a $25 gift card to a restaurant.

Raffle tickets are a great way for non-profit organizations to gain funds. If the raffle fundraisers are hosted correctly they can be very efficient.

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Contributed by Taylor Smith

August 12, 2015