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The Simplicity of a Raffle Can Promote Business by Xena Karalis

The Simplicity of a Raffle Can Promote Business by Xena Karalis


A raffle will not only benefit a business in marketing, but sales as well. Many businesses do not understand the power behind marketing itself. In one month, a business' sales and clientele list may become significantly larger. With raffles and other marketing strategies, businesses have the opportunities to become closer to their clients, raise sales, and create new marketing opportunities by creating more clientele.

Becoming closer to clients should be a business' second goal; marketing and sales being their first. Knowing a customer on a personal level makes a business have a friendlier and more comfortable approach. For example, knowing a customer by their first name lets the customer know you care. Raffles may help with this by getting to talk to the client and get to know them.

A raffle will most definitely raise sales. When a business has a raffle, the consumers buy tickets in bulk. I work at a tanning salon, and we raffle of one bottle of tanning lotion per month. When clients are informed that there is a raffle, they believe that if they buy more, they have a better chance of winning (which is true). The business, though, makes more money giving one bottle away with the use of raffle tickets, than with selling the same bottle of lotion.

A raffle will not only increase sales, but also create new business opportunities for a business in the sense of acquiring more clients. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. When word spreads that there is a raffle, people will come running at the opportunity to buy a raffle. When flyers and posters are set up, it lets the world know about your business, and all because of one raffle.

The simplicity of one raffle can promote a business and increase the productivity of a business. One raffle makes clients flock to businesses and also makes money for the businesses. One raffle can change a business' outcome in a matter of days, weeks, and months. Marketing strategies, such as a raffle, are key to a business' success.


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Contributed by Xena Karalis