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The Red Dress Gala Fundraiser by Daniela Acosta

The Red Dress Gala Fundraiser by Daniela Acosta


For the last three years that I have been at the University of Arizona and an active member of the Alpha Phi Sorority I have been able to experience the Red Dress Gala Fundraiser put on each October during The University of Arizona’s Family Weekend, which is convenient because all of our family members are in town, therefore there is a higher attendance at our event because everybody is already here and most don’t have to get separate flights out at other inconvenient times during the year.

My sorority’s specific philanthropy is the Alpha Phi Foundation; this foundation is directed towards helping women’s success and those suffering from heart disease. When I was going through recruitment as a freshman, I remember it was Philanthropy day at the 12 sorority’s in which they described to you what events they would put on and where the money went to, when Alpha Phi described theirs to me it hit home.

My younger sister was born with a hole in her heart so the fact that this sorority raised money to bring awareness to different heart conditions and set funds aside for women who need medical attention but can’t afford it, is what completely sold me to be an Alpha Phi.

The last three years where I have attended the Red Dress Gala Fundraiser my sorority has raised between $43,000-$50,000 in one night through ticket prices, raffle items and silent and live auction items. As members of the sorority we would be put into groups and each group had a basket theme, this past year I was in the “Gym” themed basket so some items that we each donated were vitamins, protein supplements, gym memberships, workout attire, weights, medicine balls, reusable water bottles ect.

Family members and friends that attend the event can bid on these items and highest bidder wins. Besides the baskets that us girls put together, any girls who have family members who own businesses or are able to donate items do, such as golf weekends, vacation homes, wine baskets, items like those.  This fundraiser is my favorite because it is such a fun night with music, dinner, desserts, live entertainment, socializing, bidding, cash bar and photo booths yet it is for such a great cause and at the end of the night it feels so good to know that all that fun had a huge impact and resulted in a large amount of money that then goes to the Alpha Phi Foundation and helps empower women and raise awareness to females, and in particular those suffering from different heart diseases and complications.

It is so nice to know that each year that we put on this Fundraiser event our final number continues to increase so now we are hoping that for the Red Dress Gala October of 2016 we hope to raise $60,000, not only is this number growing but also the number of active members in our sorority continues to expand which then means more family members, siblings and friends that can attend our event and participate in our raffles and auctions.

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Contributed by Daniela Acosta

December 28, 2015