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The Many Benefits of Raffle Ticket Fundraisers by Amber Anderson

The Many Benefits of Raffle Ticket Fundraisers by Amber Anderson


Fundraisers in general are a great way to raise money for an organization. From personal experience of playing on travel softball team, the expenses to be on the team are outrageous. To help raise these funds, the softball team came up with several ideas, one of them being a raffle ticket fundraiser.

Raffle ticket fundraisers have several benefits to them. Organizations can make surveys to give out to the surrounding community on what they would be willing to pay money for to have a chance of winning. The softball organization came up with the idea to raffle Bronco’s tickets. That year the Broncos were very successful in their season making people have interest in purchasing raffle tickets. The team also raffled off professional team jerseys, and professional autographs as well. Having a mixture of items to raffle makes for a more successful fundraiser.

Another good quality about raffle ticket fundraisers is that the price to sell them does not have to be significantly high. Many of the fundraisers have considerably high prices, making an unappealing to people. Not only is it unappealing to people, but it is also is very hard to convince somebody to purchase a butter braid for fifteen dollars. Raffle tickets can be set a low and appealing price, which makes it so much easier to want to ask somebody to buy.

To motivate the sellers, it would be a good idea to have a reward at the end of the fundraiser. Finding the motivation and the courage to ask people something can be stressful. Not everyone is a good spokesman, or a good salesman, or knows how to deal with irritable customers. If the organization is truly serious about making a great deal of money and running a successful fundraiser, it may be beneficial to have a professional marketing businessman to come and speak to the sellers. He can provide several marketing skills and techniques to help the volunteers to be more successful while trying to sell their raffle tickets.

The organization should have a number of different people, including kids, teenagers, parents, friends and family members volunteering to help this raffle fundraiser to become popular and well known throughout the community. Volunteers should be using social networks like Facebook and Twitter and creating a “hashtag” for users to be able to follow to keep on updates of the fundraisers. Technology is the best way to communicate between others here and in other states, and volunteers should take advantage of being able to use all the sources of technology to advertise.

Raffle ticket fundraisers are a very easy and simple fundraiser to have, especially if it is used to the fullest advantage. It can be extremely beneficial to all non-profit organizations and to the volunteers the need the money.


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Contributed by Amber Anderson