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The Best Raffle Ticket Seller Sells More by Lesslie Hernandez

The Best Raffle Ticket Seller Sells More by Lesslie Hernandez


Funds are running low again. A nonprofit organization needs to fundraise. Bingo! The church group decides to hold a raffle fundraiser! Nonprofit organizations are better off deciding to go with the raffle fundraiser because the group has many entrepreneurial opportunities to raise more funds for its much needed cause. Not to mention, this method is a fun and interactive way to rally many people for a common cause and may even provide important contacts for future fundraisers.

There are countless ways to maximize the sale of raffle tickets such as letting as many people know about the fundraiser, so there is nothing to lose when social media helps spread the word. To take advantage of every selling opportunity, one must keep tickets nearby. By asking local stores or companies, one can sell outside businesses and get anything from donations to more tickets sold from the incoming consumers. The best places to sell are the public ones. Unbeknownst to some, accepting more than one form of payment such as, “cash, checks, and credit cards” (Joe Garecht) can help boost sales because not everyone has cash on hand. Another fun tactic is the use of different colored tickets indicating different levels of prizes. This means that “some tickets, like the blue tickets, cost more because there is a chance to win a better, more expensive prize than the pink tickets which offer a less expensive prize” (“How to Run a Raffle”). The classic way to sell more tickets though is just letting others like family, relatives, friends, and employers help out with the distribution and advertising that selling tickets requires.

Before worrying about how to sell more tickets, one must consider suitable prizes for the raffle. The prizes have to entice people to want to buy many tickets. Most often, people encounter raffles offering the best technology available because anyone can imagine his or herself using the device, such as appliances or new software. The next two most common are vacation getaways or cars. Gift cards, or simply cash, are handy as well so they are great for gifts and raffles. Alongside gift cards are the gift baskets full of treats or items. The prizes aforementioned are great prizes that encourage and stimulate ticket sales; however, raffle prizes are not limited to only these types of prizes.

Do not forget to award the best seller of tickets! This person or persons have gone out of their way to be the best and most convincing salesperson(s). Certainly, a group wants to employ certain ways to motivate volunteers to sell more. Volunteers need motivation to make anything happen. A motivational speech or hyped discussion supporting one’s cause for fundraising can cause and incite excitement and responsibility in the volunteers and serve as an intrinsic incentive. Volunteers need to hear that their efforts whether big or small make a difference. In addition, helpers also need extrinsic motivation. For example, a small prize like a coupon or a small cash prize is a good incentive to be one who sells the most tickets.

 To recapitulate, any nonprofit organization, like a church group, can derive many more benefits in raising money by holding a raffle fundraiser. By holding a raffle fundraiser, the group can sell more tickets by being noticeable and allowing many to become involved. Plus, the group can raffle off a few prizes expensive or cheap or a combination of both to encourage ticket sales. Finally, the group can promote even more sales by providing small incentives to the one or ones who sell the most tickets.

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Contributed by Lesslie A. Real Harnandez

September 21, 2015