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Taryn Mann

Non-profit organizations can best derive benefit for their fundraising effort by holding raffle fundraisers through high schools and their Parent Teacher Student Associations (PTSA) and Athletic Booster Clubs. These different organizations are constantly seeking new ways to earn money. Living in Cobb County of Georgia, there are more than fifteen high schools that provide ample amounts of opportunities for the sale of a raffle ticket. Football, basketball, and track – just to name a few – are events of which a volunteer could acquire money from the onlookers and spectators. The high school environment includes a multitude of extracurricular activities. Non-profit organizations could partner with the local high schools to maximize sales with a larger audience. It would be an audience of people pf which they don’t have usual access. General prizes would need to be included for participants of the raffle, and incentive for volunteers to sell raffle tickets is also a necessity.

In order to maximize the sales of raffle tickets, non-profit organizations could partner with a nearby high school’s Parent Teacher Student Association and/or its Athletic Booster Club. Tapping into that resource is important because there are parents and students at these events. There is always support from the opposing team at these sporting events as well. Therefore, a non-profit organization would be presented with a percentage of a population from two local high schools.

With a raffle ticket fundraiser, prizes are a necessity for the participants. General prizes such as TV’s, Visa gift cards, or iPods might encourage someone to want to participate in a raffle fundraiser. Even something as simple as cash money could persuade someone just enough to want to buy a raffle ticket. People like going places, so plane tickets would be a great prize for a raffle drawing as well. The possibilities are endless, and prizes could be extravagant. However, most people usually just enjoy the simple things.

Of course the volunteers have to be motivated to sell raffle tickets, too. Otherwise, no tickets would be sold. There needs to be some sort of incentive to make volunteers want to give it all they’ve got, put their best foot forward, and sell those tickets! With every ticket sold, the high school’s PTSA and Athletic Booster Clubs could earn a percentage of the money earned. That means another sources of income for the organizations. That also means that there would be money to access resources, materials, and new technology for their children. It provides opportunities for exposure, traveling, and guest speakers. Majority of the time, it is the PTSA or the Booster Clubs that are paying for those guest speakers.

High school communities can serve as a viable resource for non-profit organizations with regards to raffle ticket fundraisers. Sporting events will always provide a non-profit organization with an infinite amount of opportunities to sell raffle tickets. Partnering with their local high schools will definitely maximize ticket sales because no matter the sporting event, there will always be parents, students, and teachers there supporting the school and its students.