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Strive To Hold Fundraisers That are Fun and Exciting by Clara Zeder

Strive To Hold Fundraisers That are Fun and Exciting by Clara Zeder


Non-profit organizations are created and maintained in order to benefit the community within which they reside, without asking for anything in return. Examples include churches, after school programs, and medical foundations. Non-profit organizations are often composed of mostly volunteer workers who have a strong passion help their community. However, in order for a non-profit to function and execute goals, it must receive some sort of useful donations; monetary donations often being the most ideal. That being said, non-profit organizations often rely heavily on effective fundraisers; which can be extremely frustrating to organize.


What is the best way to raise a significant amount of money, without having to spend a significant amount of money? The most important aspect of any fundraiser is the audience, or the participants, and the more the better! A non-profit organization should always strive to hold fundraisers that are fun and exciting, so as to appeal to a larger audience and therefore be as effective as possible.


A raffle is an inexpensive method to raise money, as long as the organizers and sellers are volunteers. Another important aspect of a raffle is that it is one of those things that are stronger in numbers. The more people that participate, the more good that can be achieved. This is similar to a peaceful protest, recycling, and carpooling. Not a lot of good can be achieved by one person recycling their plastics, but if an entire community, an entire region, or better, an entire nation recycles all of their plastic; this will immensely decrease pollution, chemical use, etc. Great things can be achieved if many people are not only willing to help, but also become aware of how to help.


Discovering and addressing those who are willing to lend a hand is only half of the struggle, teaching them how is the other half. This involves organization.


In my opinion, there are few things in this world more fun than winning — no matter how small the prize. It is human nature to want to feel lucky, privileged, or fortunate. Holding a raffle as a fundraiser can appeal to a large audience because if an individual wins, he or she is able to feel serendipitous, along with receiving a prize. If an individual loses, he/she often does not lose anything more than small sums of money or belongings, and he/she is able to be proud of giving something back to their community. This is similar to buying lottery tickets, there is a chance of a big win, and there’s a chance of a small loss. Yet, there is one position to be in where you can never lose, that is the position of the one selling the lottery tickets, or the raffle tickets. If a non-profit organization sells raffle tickets, like 50/50 raffle tickets, then the organization can never lose.


A raffle involving a large community not only betters the community by allowing the non-profit to be more effective with more offers and opportunities, but a raffle can also bring a community together. This effect is extremely beneficial because togetherness is often a main goal of non-profit organizations. A community that has strong bonds, reliability, and trust often raises the most respectful and successful future generations. Successful future generations will allow the community to be resilient and last longer.


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Contributed by Clara Zeder