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Selling Raffle Tickets To Generate Revenue by Jacob Blasi

Selling Raffle Tickets To Generate Revenue by Jacob Blasi


Raffle tickets are a great way for non-profit organizations to generate revenue. They are often fun, rewarding, build a sense of fulfillment and teamwork, and build a sense of pride within the organization. Selling raffle tickets in order to generate revenue has several different benefits such as drawing in more customers. Most non-profit organizations today just ask for donations on their websites. With raffle ticket sales, donations are garnered because there is a chance of getting a return on your investment. If a raffle ticket costs around 1 dollar, and people are entered to win a variety of prizes, there is a chance that 1 dollar can turn into a television. If raffle tickets are being sold, many individuals that are directly involved in the organization can give tickets to family members, friends, and coworkers to sell to their cohorts. This increases the chance of revenue greatly.

Probably the largest question when generating money is how to maximize the number of donations. When selling raffle tickets, the people directly involved in the organization will sell the most tickets. Instead of having a “middle man” sell the tickets for the organization, having the members travel around will provide a personal touch. People are more likely to donate to an organization if they have to directly speak to a member of that particular organization. For example, if a child from the local youth football league asks for you to purchase raffle tickets so he and his teammates can purchase new helmets and shoulder pads, you are going to feel obligated to donate because you feel sympathy for the cause. It is also much more difficult to say no to someone when they are asking you directly for a donation. Many of us have a conscience and would feel horrible saying no to someone in need of our help. Any organization should also advertise that portions of their proceeds will go to youth organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, or the local Little League. Potential donators will always want to know that their money is going to a worthwhile cause and that the future generations will be financially supported and happy. For instance, if someone from the local church is attempting to sell raffle tickets, they are going to have a higher opportunity of getting donations if they advertise a portion of the proceeds will go to the local youth ministry group instead of advertising that the money will go to maintaining the chapel.

People will always donate when children are involved. A final way that raffle ticket sales can be generated is through proper advertisement of the prizes involved. When selling the tickets, a person should offer a flyer with actual information and pictures of the prizes being offered. Human beings are quite visual and are more likely to purchase something if they actually see it. This is evident every time you set foot in a mall. Clothing stores always display their most expensive outfits in the windows for everyone to see as they are passing by. You never see the clearance items in the front of the store because they are always located in the back corner. They want to visual attract you to the latest products and get you to purchase them, since visually pleasing products lead to impulse spending. The same goes for raffle ticket sales.

Currently, gift cards will most likely generate the largest amount of ticket sales. Anytime someone is offered a gift certificate to Amazon, Target, or Chevron, they always seem to be excited. With the rising costs of consumer goods, a bit of financial help always becomes useful. Grocery shopping every week can be over 100 dollars and putting gas in your car for work can be around 60 dollars. Having a gift certificate to defray those costs allows you to put that money back into the bank or spend it on something enjoyable. In regards to prizes for children, having tickets to Lego Land or spending a day at Disney Land are fantastic ways to motivate them. Also offering prizes applicable to the cause such as a new baseball bat to a Little Leaguer are good ways to get parents to purchase raffle tickets.

 Finally, the volunteers selling the tickets must be motivated when attempting to generate money for a non-profit organization. If adults are selling raffle tickets, incentives such as a massage are great ways to motivate volunteers to sell more raffle tickets. It does not cost the volunteers any more than a gift of their time, and will motivate them through personal gain. Unfortunately, most people are not generous in donating and giving in today’s world. The best way to inspire people to partake in philanthropy and raffle ticket sales is to offer them a chance at personal gain. If children are selling the raffle tickets, offering incentives such as gift cards to Toys R Us or Gamestop are very good ways to garner their participation. In this growing age of video game consumption, young children that do not have jobs are always looking for ways to generate revenue to purchase toys and games.

Raffle ticket sales are a great way to generate revenue for non-profit organizations. If proper incentives, prizes, and volunteer participation are in place, these organizations can meet their fundraising goals. Ultimately, as long as the profits exceed the prizes being offered, the non-profit organizations did their job in generating funds, and also advertised themselves across the community every time they need to fundraise. As long as organizations remember that they can profit if they offer incentives for people to donate, they will more than likely reach their revenue goal.     


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Contributed by Jacob Blasi