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Selling Raffle Tickets is Beneficial Way For Any Group to Raise Money by Brittany Willow Bolton

Selling Raffle Tickets is Beneficial Way For Any Group to Raise Money by Brittany Willow Bolton


Just about everyone knows how a silent auction works; you gather various items to be raffled off, put them all in a room, invite people to a party in that room, and sell raffle tickets for those items. The more raffle tickets you buy the greater the chances you have of winning a certain item. It's all pretty simple, right? It's really a great way to raise money for a charity, organization, or group.

When an organization, Hydrocephalus Family Support Group, came up with the need for funds to go toward research for a cure; they set up a silent auction. Items such as spa day baskets, school supplies, certificates for cruises, tickets for ball games, and gift cards for restaurants were put up for raffle. Tickets sold like crazy. The group ended up raising plenty of money to fund the research need to produce a higher quality shunt, a tube to drain CSF. This new shunt is programmable with high-powered magnets allowing the patient to avoid having surgery when a problem arises with the shunt.

Similarly, a church preschool could raffle items to fundraise for a new playground or toys that benefit the children's learning. Raffles aren't just for one type of group, it's really a one-size-fits-all. A great amount of money can be raised in a short time. This also raises awareness of what's being looked for. The need for a cure, or a playground.

To wrap up, selling raffle tickets is beneficial way for any group to raise money. It's easy to set up, it gets the word out, and anyone can do it. When a highly valuable item is put up for raffle, people will buy more and more tickets in order to raise their chances for winning it. There is no limit for how many can be purchased. This just opens up the opportunity to bring in the funds needed.

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Contributed by Brittany Willow Bolton