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Selling Raffle Tickets a Super Way to Raise Funds by Jasmine Lyons

Selling Raffle Tickets a Super Way to Raise Funds by Jasmine Lyons




       While social media has had a strong impact on how to advertise

any fundraising effort to the public audience, fundraising itself has

been in existence since the beginning of time. Fundraising allows a

business or organization to obtain funds needed in an creative and

event scheduled manner.

         As a non profit organization, it is always advantageous to create

opportunities for visitors to be entertained as well as share funds with

the cause represented by the non profit organization.

           Organizations such as churches, and/or civil organizations such

heart disease, etc. can maximize their raffle ticket sales by involving

parishoners, and organization members with selling to groups, family

and friends outside of the said organization. Having private home

events, such as Tupperware parties, bingo games where they will offer

the purchase of raffle tickets for a chance winning.



With a raffle book of five chances at $ 1.00 per chance or $ 5.00 per

book, selling 10 books per person will gain $ 50.00 per group of ten

raffle books sold. In a group of 100 individuals that will give a $ 5,000

fund base. Social media is good, however it can still be proven that

“word of mouth” is still a very, very strong opponent to Facebook,

pinterest, etc. Within that same group of 100 individuals, it is almost a

guarantee that someone will advertise on their facebook, pinterest,

or display a blog advertising the said cause, which still maximizes the

sales for specific organization or civil group. Less preparation work

for primary organizer setting up websites, and still the ability to receive

funds for raffle sales via facebook, pinterest or blogging.

        With this method, prizes can be selected at a premium cost or can

be solicited as donations to the non profit organization. Because

non profits can offer tax deduction credit for their donation, stores

such as appliance stores, furniture stores, etc. can offer such items as

a donation, and give a higher incentive to raffle ticket purchasers. Also,

most businesses are set up to prepare to give away a certain quota on a

annual basis for their tax write offs.

        I had a personal experience in which I purchased two raffle books

for a total of $ 20.00, and won a 60 inch plasma TV which sells for 


approx.. $ 900.00 if I purchased it directly from a store.

Because of that raffle, I actually paid $ 20.00 for a $ 900.00 TV,

which I considered a great deal for an item I normally would not have

been able to afford.

      A motivational point I would use to get more volunteers to sell

raffle tickets is to offer prize items to volunteers also, such as

high end items, as well as financial incentives for the highest to the

most moderate purchaser. In business, receiving money for obtaining

money for goods and or services is always a double win for everyone


       Selling raffle tickets is one of the oldest forms of fundraising, and

I think it is also a very creative and interactive way to introduce the

product and or service being raffled. It allows for a social event to be

planned for those that come as a result of raffle tickets they have

previously purchased to see what they may win, as well as it allows for

additional funds to be raised at the event for the guests that come on the

day of the event before the drawing takes place.  

        Raffle ticket events provide an inexpensive set up cost, that can

yield a high profit margin with proper planning.


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Contributed by Jasmine Lyons