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Sell More Raffle Tickets With Exciting Prizes by Malia Canales

Sell More Raffle Tickets With Exciting Prizes by Malia Canales


Non-profit organizations can sometimes have a difficult time getting donations and funding, Churches for example ask for donations during mass but most people only give a couple of dollars. No matter what the organization is, one of the most efficient and exciting ways for them to receive funding could be to host an auction or barbecue with raffle prizes and games. This way they can get their community together and raise money at the same time, maybe even attract new members.


Selling raffle tickets isn’t easy; most people won’t want to buy something in hopes that they might win something that they already spent money on. To eliminate the doubt in purchasing a raffle ticket, the organization can get friendly volunteers who are extremely eager and maybe even some-what pushy when it comes to getting raffle tickets sold.


The volunteer should be knowledgeable about what exactly the fundraising is for, and the fundraising should be held for something incredibly important, something that people would feel is worthy and is really making a difference. They could also get someone who is auctioning something off for the raffle to sell tickets. Most likely if someone is trying to sell their own product or advertise for their business they will want to sell as many raffle tickets as possible so someone wins their coupon.


A lot of people will feel more encouraged to buy raffle tickets if there are more prizes, even if it is a small prize, everyone likes to win. To maximize sales the tickets need to be affordable but at the same time not too expensive, the organization needs to be sure they are finding the happy medium. Generally speaking if you sell the tickets for a smaller amount the people might buy more later on thinking “oh its only a few dollars”.


Not only should the organization you are supporting be intriguing but also the raffle prizes should be even more desirable. The prizes should definitely include some type of food; elaborately decorated cakes and cookies, baking kits, homemade breads, etc. Another big prize could be a coupon to local places. Supporting small local restaurant

 Or promoting local businesses (such as grocery stores, farmers markets, supply stores) could encourage someone to buy a raffle ticket because they can see that they are contributing to the community they know and love.


Gift cards are probably the best prizes, you can get whatever you want at the place and almost every business sells gift cards. You can get a lot of them for small amounts. Five dollars to Dairy Queen or ten dollars to Target is still a great prize. Give out tickets to local concerts or local events like street fairs and art shows, if the tickets are sold out people will be buying more raffle tickets in hopes of getting the concert tickets. At the end there should be one grand prize, like a TV or Ipad. When announcing the prizes, the speaker should start with the small prizes first and then grand prize last; slowly the prize desirability should increase. This will make people want to stay until the very end and maybe even encourage them to buy more tickets since there will be something amazing they will want.


It’s not always a fun job trying to get people to buy raffle tickets so the volunteers who are trying to sell them should at least be given a few free tickets, just as a thank you. Secondly let them know that if they want to promote their business or service that offering up a coupon for a prize is a great way to sell their product later on and get people to spread the word. Encourage them to sell a lot of raffle tickets so that more people can experience their product, this is a win-win situation.


Lastly, have prizes made especially for the ticket vendors (dinner gift certificate to someplace that is hard to get reservations at is a good prize); let them know that whoever sells the most tickets will win something at the end.

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Contributed by Malia Canales