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Ryan Jacobs

The idea of raffle tickets helping aid many fundraisers and other nonprofit organizations is a nationally known proposition, but they also have the ability to make young kids happy. Everyone knows tickets have given countless community service clubs the ability to raise needed funds to help families in need. Raffle tickets have affected me and my church in a different way than anyone would think. I am a leader for the elementary school aged kids and we call the raffle tickets “Good Behavior Tickets”. This allows the young children to look forward to something at the end of the service, a prize if their ticket is called. The idea aided the improvement of behavior of the kids exponentially and the eagerness to comeback in the following weeks. 

The stellar, effective plan started just over a year ago when our new pastor stepped into the leadership, pastor role. He brought new energy, new ideas, and a wonderful transition for the kids who needed a stable leader. Some of them are in tough situations and need a place to let go and let God, which is exactly what he provided. One of his ways to corral the focus of the waning attention spans of elementary students is through the glorious tickets. Every Sunday morning they stand in line and obsess over what their number is going to be this week and if it will be the winning ticket. The smallest and simplest things can effect little kids in the biggest ways because their hearts and minds are pure and innocent. 

Throughout the service the children have two responsibilities, to keep their tickets and not do anything for their ticket to be provoked. Each and every student holds to their tickets in anticipation for the end, and they listen more intently to the lesson and sermon. Then on the rare occasion they act out of hand they get one warning then if they do not listen they get their ticket taken away. The ironic thing is of the five to six times I had to take away a kids ticket, their ticket gets called at the end of service. After that series of events the child learns his or her lesson and does his or her best to behave better next time. Personally, I could not believe the affect it had on the kids.

Other people may have typical success stories of how raffle tickets raised hundreds of dollars for their local club. I have helped raise hundreds of dollars for over a dozen clubs through different raffle’s, fifty fifty tickets, and other clever ways to draw in the community to win a designated prize. All those events have one thing in common, there are a few winners and a lot of upset people who did not win the grand prize. In the service it is the other way around, almost everyone wins because even if they do not win the main prize, they can look forward to something the following weeks. Also, they do not have to pay anything for the ticket, so even if they do not win they did not lose anything either. 

Finally, the tickets help the pastor and leaders keep fifty or more young kids in their seats and paying attention to the service that could change their lives. It helps me personally to connect with the kids when they want to be there and learn, not waiting to leave. The tickets are a gateway into changing their lives unlike any other fundraiser.



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