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Raffles Support Local Baseball by Lizzie Donaldson

Raffles Support Local Baseball by Lizzie Donaldson


Raffles are the major fundraiser for the baseball association that is part of my hometown.

I live in Bosqueville, which is located near the city of Waco, TX.  We are a small community and our baseball association typically has around 200 kids in its spring baseball and softball programs.  My dad is a past president and current board member of the Bosqueville Baseball Association.  He stated “the BBA will earn between $8000 and $12000 per raffle. “  I called the current chair of the fundraising committee and she said that the majority of the items up for raffle are donated and the prizes have ranged from a grill, a cruise, cash, a television, shotguns, and the largest prize was an all-wheel drive gator.  Sales are motivated by three factors for the BBA.

The first factor is need of the organization.  If the BBA announces what the fundraiser is specifically for, a few examples are new scoreboards, new lights, and a new bathroom facility; the community shows a greater output for the raffle.

The second factor is team sales.  The team that sales the most raffle tickets earns a pizza party to the pizza place of their choice in Waco.

The third motivator is an individual prize for the highest sales person.  This past year the prize was a pair of wireless beats headphones.  A young girl from my father’s t-ball team won them.

I believe that the BBA can increase their sales in a few different ways.  The first way is to incorporate the community in a pre-season banquet.  At that banquet, they should announce what the raffle money is going to be spent on and have flyers describing the purchase.  The second way is to honor the winners from last year, both the raffle winner and the leading sales person at the banquet.  Kids and parents will be attracted to success if they see success rewarded.  The BBA should also ask the kids what they would want to win for being the highest sales person.

The BBA does a great job of changing its winnings for both the raffle and highest sales person.  This is evident by its continued success over the years.   Fifteen years ago, when my father joined the BBA, they were in the red.  He claims that the raffle was a major contributor to get them out of the red and to do the improvements that we see today.  With the raffle earnings, they have built awnings over the bleacher as well as cemented the area under them, they have bought a field maintenance machine, they have built new bathroom facilities, and this past, they bought new scoreboards for all three fields.

The BBA is excited about this year’s raffle and are discussing a couple of proposed expenditures for the money raised.  The money may be used to build a new field, replace lights, replace fencing, or build an awning over the entire seating area for safety. 

Whatever is decided, I’m positive the raffle will be a huge success.

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Contributed by Lizzie Donaldson

December 26, 2015