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Raffles Have Unparalleled Potential to Maximize Fundraising Profits by Destiny Andrews

Raffles Have Unparalleled Potential to Maximize Fundraising Profits by Destiny Andrews


Since civilization began, raffle have "drawn" attention as a great game of chance; Babylonians, Egyptians, and Romans used lots. The Great Wall of China was funded by a lottery, and Queen Elizabeth I herself held a raffle for prizes such as; china, tapestries, and cash. As raffle evolved, so did their purposes. Today, raffles have unsurpassed fundraising potential for non-profits to capitalize on.

Non-profit church groups, school clubs, youth sports teams, and civic groups hold fundraisers in order to gain income, and often include a raffle for such purposes. In order to maximize ticket sales, those selling the raffle tickets should be knowledgeable about the organization to help potential buyers understand the importance of where the money is going.


Tickets should not be overpriced, so research similar raffles and compare prices. Furthermore, raffle tickets can be sold at reduced prices if people buy more than one. One ticket can sell for ten dollars, but five tickets may only cost forty. The ten-dollar savings may convince potential customers of the advantage from having five entries instead of one. One of the best things about raffle tickets is that they are lightweight. Tickets can be sold online, over the phone, or in person. Mailing a ticket purchased online or via phone would cost a bare minimum and potentially help stimulate sales.


In order to maximize ticket sales, you must promote the fundraiser. Let people know what the prizes are, how much tickets cost, and when the drawing is. Telling family and friends can be just as effective as a television commercial, and it's free! Announcements can be posted on flyers in nearby supermarkets, gyms, or small businesses. Locally owned businesses may also donate in exchange for promotion. Online, tickets can be promoted over social media, through e-mail, through a link on an organization's website, or on pages such as craigslist.com and ebay.com. In addition, going door-to-door the old fashioned way has never let the Girl Scouts down, and it won't disappoint you. Advertisement is the key in any fundraiser in order to maximize profit.


Moreover, a raffle is nothing without sought after prizes. Popular prize candidates include: electronics, trips, tickets to shows or games, or baskets filled with goodies. For example, a spa basket may be created by using facemasks, a robe, some nail polish, and a gift card to a local spa. Prize packages often generate more interest than single items. Knowing your audience is important when choosing prizes. A raffle geared towards average women would most likely not include a grill, but rather a spa or wine basket. Prizes should be something you would want to win, and tickets should not cost more than half of what the prize is valued at. A successful raffle lets ticket holders feel they have a chance to get a fantastic deal on the prize, which would likely increase the amount of tickets they buy.


The most important factors in a successful raffle are the prizes and advertisements, but only to an extent. The true heart of any non-profit raffle fundraiser is the ticket seller! As a first-line "employee," those selling tickets represent the face of the organization to buyers.


It is important to have a happy, well-motivated sales team. Some ways to boost morale is letting the team know how much their effort affects the group as a whole, placing an emphasis on the team rather than the individual. Ticket sellers can be motivated through rewards and praise. A competition can be created to help maximize sales with rewards. For instance, with every five tickets they sell, they can receive tickets for a separate raffle specific to sellers. A reward may even be as simple as recognition in front of the whole group. Paying compliments to those working the hardest will give them a sense of pride in helping towards the goal, as well as prompt those who may not have been mentioned to go above and beyond. Hard-working, happy team members can ensure the success of a raffle fundraiser.


Raffles are unparalleled with the potential to maximize fundraising profits. This maximization depends on the quality of prizes, ticket pricing, and amount of advertising for the fundraiser. The most vital factor though is the personal interest that fuels those promoting the event and selling tickets to work diligently to make the event a success.


With these fundamental elements, a raffle will be the most rewarding fundraiser for any non-profit organization.



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Contributed by Destiny Andrews