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Raffles Get the Community Involved by Michael Salas

Raffles Get the Community Involved by Michael Salas


In today’s day and age a business is no longer living up to its full potential in they are just a business. They must be active in the community and involved in more than just their practice. Communities support businesses that support the community. It is a circle of loyalty and when you have that circle it is nice to help out in efforts and offer prizes through the form of a raffle. If you are a business selling small electronics and you want to get more customers in the door a simply donate an item or gift card and allow it to be raffled by a cause or do it internally and then donate a portion of the proceeds to the local food pantry. Everyone loves that.

There are a lot of simple ways to be philanthropic when it comes to raffles. It allows individuals to “play the odds” in a minimal and friendly manor where win or lose they feel they have donated to a good cause and for the business they get “free” advertising. The more philanthropic you are with your business practice the more it will benefit your business in the long run.  People will have seen the prize and ether walk into your facility or be more likely to recommend it to another. This can do very well for small businesses as many individuals just don’t know what is in their own location.

As a member of the Student Philanthropy Team at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine our goal is to increase the rate of alumni contributions. We do all sorts of endeavors that support the community as a means or extending our own resources to benefit others and hopefully and ultimately have the favor returned.  We have held events where individuals can purchase tickets and put into drawing bags with the chance to win a wide array of items from the local businesses within the Waterville area. We believe in supporting our own community so we personally meet with a vast majority of the areas’ business owners and discuss the raffle process that allows us to raise monies for Thomas College and at the same time gives the students a reason to get off campus and spend their money in town or buy something in town with a won gift card. Later they will talk to their friends and ultimately increase the foot traffic down Main Street, which is good for not only the business but the economic standing of the greater community.

Raffles are a phenomenal means of getting the community involved at a little expense with not only in the moment advertising and activity, but continued for years to come. Sometimes as a business people just don’t know where you are located or that you are even there at all. The best way to really put your foot in the door is by extending an olive branch to the community members and donate to a local raffle. It is not something that you, as a business owner, would regret. 

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Contributed by Michael Salas

December 29, 2015