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Raffles Are Rewarding by Josilyn Carter

Raffles Are Rewarding by Josilyn Carter



Imagine a wonderful non-profit organization, such as Feeding America holding a raffle to raise money to feed starving children all over the world. Holding a raffle fundraiser could immensely benefit so many of these selfless organizations. Raffles sell tickets to the people who come, which would help raise exponential amounts of money. They could also hold a drawing and the winner receives the jackpot. I do not see anything negative about it. The buyers get to help out in supporting the cause and the non-profit gets to receive funds to continue its charitable actions.

 Giving incentives in the raffle, such as large prizes or trips could definitely increase the sale of tickets in a raffle. I can imagine hordes of people huddling over the ticket booth for a chance to win that trip to Hawaii, they could never afford to go on. If that organization does not have enough funds to afford such extravagant prizes, T-shirts or small gifts that relate to the cause would likely be just as effective. Advertising the group you are supporting is another way to increases the revenue. If someone saw an injured animal or a starving baby on a poster of a raffle fundraiser, I am sure that would significantly increase the number of ticket holders. You just need to find people who are passionate about the cause.

Volunteers are completely passionate about the cause they are fighting for. They are the vital key in non-profits. They are the glue that holds it all together. Sometimes, volunteers can find it difficult to find people who are willing to take the time to listen to what they have to say. If someone is not completely sure what the organization is all about, it makes it much more difficult to get them to come to the event or buy a ticket. A possible way to have volunteers to sell more tickets is to go door to door. Many people, undoubtedly, wish to help such an event but are not directly contacted about it. The drive and motivation of every volunteer is to be admired. “Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless,” (Sherry Anderson).  Not everyone understands the struggle and sacrifice a volunteer faces. A nice piece of encouragement would likely lift their spirits. A volunteer is sure to sell more tickets if they are properly praised and recognized for all of their achievements.

Non-profit organizations are exemplary groups of people fighting to help a cause or accomplish a goal. There are numerous reasons why holding a raffle for a non-profit organization would be of use to them. Fundraisers with raffles are a successful and necessary outlet to raise money. They are also an extremely enjoyable event to go to with your friends or family. Many more people should recognize the benefits of holding a raffle for a non-profit. Get involved. Everyone should do their part to help support groups, such as these, for sacrificing their time and efforts to charitable causes.

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Contributed by Josilyn Carter

October 12, 2015