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Raffles Are No Longer Just for Local Non Profit Fundraising by Maddy Cook

Raffles Are No Longer Just for Local Non-Profit Fundraising by Maddy Cook


Kids and adults alike feel a thrill at the announcement of a raffle. Toys! Gift Cards! Electronics! Free stuff! If the cost of ticket is reasonable for the prizes offered, you’ll find a wide array of people scrambling to win. For small businesses, a raffle could draw customers in- initially for the prospect of garnering free trinkets, but then developing a curiosity in the institution it derived from. For larger and more well-known companies, a raffle gives the corporation a fun aspect as well as helps retain customer loyalty.


In today’s world powered by technology, innovation, and a “What’s best for ME?” attitude, a raffle is a great marketing tactic. Psychologically, people are quick to enter contests because it means they have a shot at fortune in a single stroke. We hear of more and more awards by the prize sponsor through newspapers, TV, and magazines- and one can’t help but picture the glamour of an all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas just by entering in a drawing.  We have all heard stories of those who were near foreclosure, yet were able to recover their homes and buy a new car the next week thanks to a prize lottery winning. These stories give people hope and make us think, “That could be me!”


Because there is a lot to win in a relatively easy way, news of a raffle spreads fast through media and word of mouth alike. For a business small or large, this is an excellent marketing strategy. Contests like this keep the customers engaged and serve as a connection between consumer and distribution- a more intimate and charitable side of the company. Long time and satisfied customers will feel that they made the right choice with such a fun and spontaneous business, and new customers will be pleasantly surprised with the opportunities to win. Not only this, but raffles are a surefire way to draw in a new crowd. Family, friends, and family friends are likely to tell spread word of a contest, attracting an interest in at first the raffle but then the company behind it.


As I said, modern society is extremely innovative, engaged, and driven by productivity and a motivation to succeed. No longer are the days where raffles once offered things like a free steak dinner, today’s citizens want things that will put them at the front lines of technology- like a brand new car or a tablet- or a prize that can help them escape the fast-paced environment, such as a tropical vacation. Offering things along these lines as prizes no doubt would boost customer loyalty and retention because consumers will not want to miss an opportunity to cash in big virtually free of charge.


Raffles are no longer just for local non-profit benefits or parish picnics. They are a brilliant stroke of marketing genius that can be a source of revenue for a company as well as draw in new customers, garner public interest, and keep the loyal customers that you know and love.


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Contributed by Maddy Cook