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Raffles Are Effective Fundraisers by Sydne Rubeor

Raffles Are Effective Fundraisers by Sydne Rubeor


Many companies, business, and like organizations benefit off of the income they receive from customers for their products and/or services. On the other hand, organizations that are non-profit do not receive steady income from customers, and instead focus their time contributing to the well being of the community and it’s members. Non-profit organizations are just that, non-profit. When faced with the challenge of raising money for their cause, these organizations must discover creative and innovative approaches to earn a profit, maintain their organization, and continue to benefit their community and the people within it.

Raffle fundraisers have become increasingly popular amongst non-profit organizations, as they can provide big rewards with little expenditures. The issue at hand is that some raffles don’t meet the financial goals expected. This lack of income is detrimental to these valuable organizations. Fortunately, there are many different ways to maximize profits, so that fundraisers are not put to waste, and non-profit organizations can reach a desirable return on their fundraising investments.  

Spending only a few dollars to earn a more valuable reward is a big incentive in selling of raffle tickets. Make this clear with advertisements for the raffle. Whether it is with flashy posters, word of mouth promotion, or something more elaborate, making potential customers aware of the amazing deals the organization is offering is essential to a successful fundraiser.

People are always looking to get the most “bang for their buck” and it is the organization’s responsibility to lure in this type of customer to buy tickets to benefit the cause. This will help to maximize ticket sales, which is the purpose of raffle fundraisers. An organization could also have a deal or discount if a customer purchases “x” amount of tickets. This will provide an incentive for customers to spend more money during the raffle, creating a bigger income for the organization.

Most raffles offer one big prize. This can turn some customers off because they realize statistically that they have a very low chance of actually winning and do not want to waste their money – even if it is for a good cause. If instead, a non-profit organization offers multiple, smaller prizes, people are more likely to invest their money into the organization because they can see that their chances of winning are greater.

If the raffle is being run during a bigger event hosted by the non-profit organization, it is wise to create a disclaimer that the person must be present to win. This means people are more likely to walk around, explore, and spend more money elsewhere throughout the event, earning more money for the organization. If nobody sticks around to claim his or her prize, then there’s good reason to hold another moneymaking raffle!

A big component of raffles is having dedicated, hard-working volunteers representing an organization and supporting the cause, whatever it may be. The more proactive the volunteers, the more likely the organization will prosper. While some volunteers are passionate about the organization and will do anything to help, others could use a little bit of motivation to keep both spirits and profits high.

To make the raffle fun for the volunteers, the fundraiser organizers can make a friendly competition out of it, with a small prize or discount going to the volunteer that sells the most raffle tickets by the end of the fundraiser. Even something as simple as a free T-shirt will do the trick. This will encourage volunteers to not only sell more tickets, but also rave about the wonderful things the non-profit organization is doing for its volunteers and supporters as well as the community.

Even if a potential customer doesn’t purchase a raffle ticket, they are leaving with the knowledge of what the organization stands for and how it helps and benefits others, which is just as important.

These tips and tricks will help to guide an organization through a raffle fundraiser, hopefully exceeding monetary goals and expectations! Non-profit organizations can take the money raised and invest it directly towards their cause, helping our local communities and making a difference around the world!

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Contributed by Sydne Rubeor