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Raffles Are an Easy Fundraiser That Can Have a Massive Payoff by Anderson Blackmon

Raffles Are an Easy Fundraiser That Can Have a Massive Payoff by Anderson Blackmon


Non-profit organizations, like church groups, sports organizations, and civic groups can use raffles to raise money efficiently and effectively. Raffles are an easy fundraiser that, done successfully, can have a massive payoff. Raffles can be used at any time of the year by any club, group, or organization.

A way to maximize the sales of from a raffle is by advertising constantly. The more people that know about the fundraiser, the more likely they are to buy a ticket. Advertisement can be the difference between a mundane fundraiser and an extremely successful one. You can advertise freely by communicating through the spoken word, at social gatherings, or by phone calls. Printing small flyers and distributing them to a massive number of people will cost little money but can have a massive turn around effect. From personal experience, the use of advertisement with ANY fundraiser can change the outcome of the fundraiser for the better. Setting up booths at local events, advertising and selling tickets could bring in a lot of sales. Many people would have money in their pockets and they would impulsively buy a raffle ticket, just because.

Prizes can boot sales. If you have a predominantly male crowd, using a raffle like a gun or a gift card to a hunting store could cause more people to participate in the fundraiser. Sports crowds could be offered a piece of sports memorabilia or a new piece of equipment. To encourage participation, you have to use items that are specific to their interests. Vague items and items like that cause a lack of participation. If one does not know the demographics of the ones who would participate in the raffle, a relatively successful prize would be cash. Everyone can use money. Having small prizes, for any tickets drawn after that main prize would also be a better way to get participation in the raffle.

To get volunteers to sale more tickets, one could create a contest, where the seller with the highest tickets gets a nice prize. This would create a friendly competition between sellers, motivating them to sell as many tickets as they can. Any money used to pay for their prize would surely be made up for by the surge of ticket sales. Another alternative prize would be that for every 10 tickets sold by a volunteer, the volunteer gets one free ticket placed in the raffle. This would be a cost effective way to create stimulus for selling tickets and also give your sellers a reason to work harder.

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Contributed by Anderson Blackmon