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Raffles Are an Easy and Fun Way to Raise Money by Cady Pendleton

Raffles Are an Easy and Fun Way to Raise Money by Cady Pendleton


Raffles can be an easy and fun way to raise money for a variety of causes. People of all ages get excited about the chance to win something big, or even small, in a raffle. There are many different ways to maximize the sale of raffle tickets. Firstly, the number of prizes. The bigger the prizes, in value and quantity, will encourage more people to buy tickets. Also, the price of the tickets will greatly affect sales. Organizers will need to look at the target market to determine the price of the tickets. Is the target market broke college students or well-off business people? These different market segments will have different price points for the purchase of tickets. The price of the raffle tickets should also correlate with the value and number of possible prizes.

When looking to find prizes that will stimulate raffle ticket sales, organizers should again look at the target market. If the raffle is targeted at kids or parents, toys and games that are popular with children are a good idea. On the other hand, college aged students would be excited about big ticket items that they might not be able to afford otherwise or items they use everyday like food and gas gift cards. Adults would be more interested in items for their home. A great idea for raffles is gift baskets. Gift baskets make it easy for multiple people to contribute to one item. Just select a theme like “date night” or “girls’ night out” and collect several items that fit the category. Themed baskets seem well thought out and put together, but do not require too much effort or cost on any one person. People would love the chance to win a basket of items that have an exciting theme!

The best way to get volunteers to sell more raffle tickets is to give them incentives. There could be a prize for the volunteer who sells the most tickets. For every ticket a volunteer sells, they could also be entered in a raffle for a special volunteer prize. This allows the volunteers to become equally excited about the raffle as people who by the tickets are! Before ticket sales begin, a sales goal for each volunteer could be set, and those who reach the goal by the day of the event could win a prize. Even providing volunteers who sold tickets with snacks or refreshments during the raffle is a strong incentive. Using all of these incentives could be costly, but choosing one specific strategy would be beneficial to the cause.

When looking for fun fundraising ideas, a raffle is the way to go. A wide variety of people would be interested in buying tickets, especially for prizes that best fit their desires. The target market is very important in deciding the price of tickets and type of items to have at a raffle. Volunteers will sell more tickets through incentives and goals. A raffle event can easily raise a lot of money for any type of organization.

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Contributed by Cady Pendleton

December 18, 2015