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Raffle Tickets to Energize People and Gain Interest In a Cause by Adam Fishback

Raffle Tickets to Energize People and Gain Interest In a Cause by Adam Fishback


People love prizes and the chance to win something. This is seen in dozens of venues and games of chance are seen everywhere from casinos to fairs to parties. Raffle tickets are one area where this can be used to energize people and gain interest in a cause. By offering a prize to be one in the form of a fun game of chance that can be entertaining and potentially rewarding. This can range from minor prizes, such as tickets to events or movies, to larger prizes, such as monetary rewards like a bicycle or car.


The point of this is to garner interest. By having the raffle be something worth pursuing, it can help create interest not only in the raffle itself, but bring additional interest to the non-profits goal allows for further interest in the organization itself. Building events around the raffle itself can do this. By itself a raffle has some interest, but not enough to bring in much interest or revenue. By pairing the raffle with an ongoing event, people may be more open to participating in the raffle due to the relaxed and fun atmosphere that an event can bring. These could be events such as fairs, corporate parties, fundraisers, and cookouts to name a few possible situations. The point being to have a light-hearted atmosphere where people can relax so that they may view the raffle as an additional source of fun.


While the above section explains how to maximize sales through the use of additional events creating an atmosphere where consumers would be more likely to buy tickets, there still needs to be a motivating prize that the consumer would view as worth spending money on. While individual taste is a large factor in this decision making process, events that the raffle is taking place in can be a guiding light in helping inform what prizes may reach a sizable demographic. These can be sports tickets or team merchandise at a sports related event or cooking supplies at a cook out or cooking competition. Larger competitions may require even more lavish or impressive prizes to generate an equal or greater response in potential customers. This may include such prizes as cars, boats, or ATVs in events such as the release of a major product, movie, or show. An example could be a fund raising cook-off for a local charity. In addition to the prize the winning chef receives, people at the cook-off can also buy raffle tickets to win sauces, cutlery, or spices that are in theme with the cook off. This is a relevant prize to the event and people at the event would more than likely have an interest in cooking or have a friend or family member who has that interest.


Lastly, competition can be a great motivator to increasing sales. During events the hosting organization can offer a prize to the volunteer who manages to sell the most raffle tickets. This could be something such as the same prize the raffle winners take home or something else. Ideally it should be a prize that the volunteers would view as desirable, though this is not always feasible. Potential prizes could be gift cards, movie tickets, or a free meal. By having an incentive to strive towards, volunteers will be more motivated to selling as many raffle tickets as possible. This in turn means more opportunities for the non-profit to benefit from the raffle.


Together these strategies can help non-profit organizations maximize the effectiveness of using raffle tickets at their functions, and in turn bring more awareness to their organization. By using raffle tickets at their events they cannot only bring in more fundraiser money, but also generate more public recognition.


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Contributed by Adam Fishback