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Raffle Tickets Often the Quickest Way to Raise Funds by Jenna Guerra

Raffle Tickets Often the Quickest Way to Raise Funds by Jenna Guerra


Many non-profit organizations today are seeking ways to raise money, and raffle tickets are often the quickest way to do so. When selling raffle tickets, you want to make sure that as many people as possible are informed. If the non-profit organization is a church, you can inform the church about it during service and gather as many volunteers as possible to help. A football or basketball team could have their parents volunteer to sale the tickets during games, and announce it during halftime. Social media is also a great and free approach to advertise it to friends, family, and their acquaintances. Another method, is to stand outside local stores and businesses (with permission from the manager) and sell to your community. If you need to, advertise it in your local newspaper.

The real key is to have as many people as possible involved with selling the raffles so that your organization is able to cover several places at once. Reaching out to your community, especially in a small town, is a big deal. Selling raffles at a reasonable price is also imperative. People don’t want to spend 10 dollars on one ticket. They want to be able to purchase 10 tickets for 10 dollars, or even pay 2 dollars for one ticket. The individuals buying the tickets are less likely to feel hesitant when they don’t feel like they are gambling a good amount of money with the possibility that they may win nothing. You also want to make things as simple as possible for your buyer. Having to attend an event can make them feel like they have an obligation and could potentially decrease the number of ticket sales; be sure to write down their name and number to contact them in the event that they win. Make sure that everything is accounted for an organized as well.

No matter how many people you reach out to, no one is going to buy a raffle if the prize does not interest him or her. It is essential that you know your limit so that you can make a profit from the raffle. Contacting local businesses and finding people willing to donate is important. If they feel that it is for a good cause, and can also attract enough attention to their business, you could end up with a prize as big as a T.V., car, or vacation. Another great thing to have, are smaller but still appealing prizes can that can help with sells. If the person buying a ticket, knows that there is more than one individual that can win, it could make them feel more encouraged to buy a raffle.

Getting volunteers involved can sometimes be a challenge. Offering an incentive for the person that sells the most tickets is always a great idea. Also sharing why your organization needs to raise the money and why it is important can encourage them. When you have a team of volunteers, ultimately the best way to motivate them is with a good attitude, respect, and your own enthusiasm.

Ultimately, there are many things a non-profit organization can do to have a successful raffle. It is a must for your organization to have a purpose, set a goal, and most importantly, offer an appealing prize.


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Contributed by Jenna Guerra