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Raffle Tickets Always Stir Up Fun

Raffle Tickets Always Stir Up Fun


Raffle tickets always stir up the fun at events. They make you want to enjoy yourself and win different prizes while also raising money. My church always host different events for children and adults to help fundraise. When it is time to play for the different prizes, people try to get the most raffle tickets they can. Plus, once they know about the purpose why you’re trying to raise money, people want to become more involved.

We always give back to the community and help those who are in need of some help. Encouraging others to come celebrate with us at our church and participate in different games is always fun. If everyone starts to purchase more raffle tickets then we raise the prices for the tickets. The reason for this is because there is only a certain amount of prizes to give out. Then again if there are not enough tickets being sold then we would try to give out prizes for the most top seller. This would start a friendly competition to the people who sell a raffle ticket. In the end, everyone is just having fun and experiencing new things with new people.

You can always feel the atmosphere when everyone around you is just so content with everything. You can even do raffle tickets with your own family. For instance, for my family reunion we always do raffle tickets in order to eat food. When you first purchase a ticket to attend the family reunion, it covers multiple things. Then we also have games such as Bingo that we could do a bonus round in order for anyone to win a prize.

Another way to encourage volunteers to sell more tickets is to giveaway cash to a person that sells the most. With this money they have to give it to a charity that they love the most. The money received could always go back to a person who is less fortunate than you. The charities always love people who think about them and express their kindness towards them. It is always better to give than receive. You never know how much happier a person can be if they knew someone was doing something very special for them. Just like a scholarship, the money could be given to a high school student who is getting ready to enroll in college or even an undergrad college student. I know if I was to receive some money I would pay for my tuition and fees. Whatever I have left over I would give back to my community and church.

I never knew something so small such as a raffle ticket can mean a lot more than just reading the last four digits on the back. Always think of others before you think of yourself and be humble. Drawing raffle tickets and winning prizes is always fun but you have to remember why you are doing it. Of course everyone likes new things so they want to win but you only have a certain amount of chances.

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Contributed by A'Schanta'Ray Routt

December 29, 2015