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Raffle Tickets a Great Way For Non Profits to Support Their Mission by Horace McNeil

Raffle Tickets a Great Way For Non Profits to Support Their Mission by Horace McNeil


Raffle tickets are a great way for non-profit organizations to support their mission. They can raffle off gifts, home baked goods (my favorite), & services. As a military member, our units have done this to support our family and home support group. You can get support from the community by pitching your cause to them. For example, we went to local businesses and let them know that we were raising money for soldier’s families while soldiers were deployed overseas. Some of the businesses donated items for the raffle. It got awareness out to other families and other businesses. We then combined different items for the event. We found that local businesses would gladly donate items for our cause. We then printed up flyers and circulated them for the event and the raffle. The turn-out was great. We also had families bake cup- cakes and other baked goods for the event as well. We raffled off the donated items and it was very successful.

A second idea is to raffle off services. This could be free tutoring, help with budgeting, recipes, maybe someone could offer personal training, etc. This is a great way to diversify the event and to get more participation at your raffle/event. It also could be free business cards, where you can also network with other businesses etc. I think that raffling services is a great way to mix up fundraising. Often this part of raffle events are missed out on.

One of the best ways to raffle is baked goods. I believe that it is one of the best ways to meet your fundraising goals. With the cooperation of your team, (and good recipes) you can always count on people having a sweet tooth. I have always been drawn to raffles that have baked goods because I love sweets. Also I know that the people that bake them are passionate about their event. Who can refuse a chocolate chip cookie or fudge brownie?

My son started playing T-ball last year. Our team is sponsored by a local business, and they also donate stuff for our raffle. Our team shirts have their logo on it. They also worked with us to plan the event. This is a great way to have sponsorship, and also for the business to get some free advertising. Partnerships like these benefit the overall mission of the non-profit. We do a big award ceremony/raffle event. Local businesses donate, and families bake cookies and cakes. It helps us support our mission, and also displays the baking talent of our members. Partnerships and Sponsorships are a great way to develop long-term relationships and build new ones. Raffled items can be big or small, a service or a edible item. They can be gift certificates, coupons, and discounts. It is an invaluable tool for meeting your organizations goals, and if done correctly get the message about your cause out in the community and to the community. It is a great networking tool also that can spread the word to other local businesses large and small.


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Contributed by Horace McNeil