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Raffle Ticket Sales Ideas by Christine Ruff

Raffle Ticket Sales Ideas by Christine Ruff


Non-profit organizations, such as church groups, civic groups, and youth sports organizations, can derive great benefit from holding a raffle fundraiser. They can maximize the sales of their raffle tickets by advertising and announcing the raffle locally, widely, and often. They can do this by posting on multiple social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In addition, they can send out e-mails or letters to market and campaign for their fundraiser. They can announce the raffle to their volunteers and staff. Furthermore, some organizations can place an advertisement in the local paper or post flyers around town. They can also spread invitations by word-of-mouth. Hosting the raffle contest during an annual meeting, dinner, or another large event could increase attendance greatly over hosting the raffle as a main, single event. Organizations could offer incentives to volunteers and staff who invite friends and family to the raffle or event. They could also reward their people who post about the event on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. Finally, making sure that any rules or guidelines for the raffle are clear will increase sales because sellers will be able to explain the raffle and ticket buyers will feel more secure in their investment.

Non-profit organizations can increase their raffle ticket sales by offering prizes that are of as high a value as feasible. Trips to various exotic destinations, flashy cars, and large amounts cash are often exciting to win. People covet even older model cars and trips to nearby destinations within the United States. Simple gifts, such as baskets geared toward the season, are good inexpensive ideas for adult audiences. They can contain teas, coffees, candles, perfumes, candies, and other lower dollar items. Most men are looking for something to give a wife or girlfriend on her birthday, their anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. Women can give the baskets to their mothers, colleagues, daughters, friends, and even themselves! Children may appreciate toys, gadgets, games, and parties. Local vendors appreciate recognition and may be willing to part with several gift cards in exchange for sponsorship. Computers, iPads, iPods, phones, tablets, and other hot technology items are inexpensive once they have been out for a year or so. This in no way diminishes their appeal to most adults and teenagers as a raffle prize.

Motivating volunteers to sell raffle tickets may not be something that people who are fundraising for organizations think about doing. However, if volunteers are motivated to sell raffle tickets, then the number of ticket sales should increase. Prizes and incentives encourage raffle ticket sellers to spread the word to family, friends, coworkers, church members, and others. Large incentives based on the number of tickets sold are usually more effective than small incentives for simply volunteering. For children, a pizza party, cash, an ice cream social, or the latest gadgets are great ideas. Entry to the party or could be for a minimum number of raffle ticket sales. Organizations can reserve the money or gear for the top earners. For adults, gift cards to local vendors, a raffle entry, or an invitation to an after-party would be motivating. Again, organizations can base the receipt of the prize on a minimum number of ticket sales or give the best incentives to the top few earners. As with the raffle, offering a laptop or tablet to the highest seller is a good option for motivating adult and teen volunteers.

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Contributed by Christine Ruff