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Raffle Ticket Fundraising an Easy Way to Raise Money by Janessica Singleton

Raffle Ticket Fundraising an Easy Way to Raise Money by Janessica Singleton


The raffle ticket fundraising process is one of the oldest and easiest ways to raise money. Many church groups, youth and school organizations, scholarship organizations, Greek sorties and fraternities have used this method of raising money to meet many challenges and goals for centuries.

When deciding to do a raffle fundraiser, the first thing that need to be done, is to verify the organization doing the fundraiser and who and what, will be benefiting from the funds that are raised. This information needs to be placed on the raffle ticket; because many people participate in fundraisers and later write the donations off their taxes, so you want all the information to be truthful.

 It is also nice, if a raffle is being done for children, that they are the ones in the forefront, making the sales. With a child making the pitch, “Would you like to buy a ticket to support our awards dinner for the Cougars”, the average  person is not going to say NO, but YES, because it is coming from a child, and it is something positive.

The next thing would be the types of prizes that are being awarded. In this process, if you are only going to do one prize, it should be something big, like a car or vacation. This is when you becoming very creative, and talk to people who own a car dealership, or travel agency, and ask them if there is any kind of way that they can donate for this important cause. If you are not able to secure one large item, then break it down it down into three or two smaller gifts. These gifts should be something that males as well as females can use or enjoy. Examples of these types of gifts are: spa day for two, 45 to 55 inch television, dinner for two at a nice restaurant, where the bill total is at least $150.00, gift or gas cards, and $500.00 and below in cold hard cash.

After the prizes have been established, now it is time to start the selling of the tickets. A good way to motivate those, selling the tickets, is to give small incentives. These will not be as elaborate as the main prizes, but something to make it worth their time; dinner at the Golden Corral, or a twenty dollar gift card, these are good prizes that are not too expensive. Another way to sell more tickets is to do group bundling. This process will have to be done before purchasing of the tickets, so that this information will be placed on the tickets. Examples of this would be, if the tickets are selling for one dollar each, then a group bundle will be five tickets for four dollars and fifty cent, and you will most likely get the change for donation, therefore increasing the profit margin.

With these small incentives and the bundling process, the tickets should sell like hotcakes. When the process is over, there should be a good profit made.


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Contributed by Janessica Sigleton