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Raffle Prizes That are Magnetizing by Carrigail Abanes

Raffle Prizes That are Magnetizing by  Carrigail Abanes


Raffle fundraisers can help a variety of non-profit organizations by creating a high profit margin for their mission. Raffles can be inexpensively produced, and with the help of community donations higher profit margins can be realized to offset the initial investment of custom printing raffle tickets.

But what entices a participant to buy a raffle ticket in the first place?  

The established importance of the organization within the community, the importance of the cause, and the directed advertising to a specific demographic are all factors to engaging ticket buyers. More importantly, the chance of winning a wide array of prizes is one of the greatest incentives to play, and the main component in producing a successful raffle.

The prizes must be desirable and valuable enough to attract attention but must also maintain an approachable ticket price. It’s also important that there is a high probability to win at the raffle so it is crucial to have many prizes for the participant to look forward to.  Some exciting and popular raffle prizes are:


Homemade gift baskets

Travel packages

Gift certificates

Electronics are portable and useful, but can be expensive. So buying an inexpensive raffle ticket would be a more cost effective method of obtaining an electronic device. To raise interest among potential raffle participants, organizers could include modern and exciting electronics like: a DSLR camera, an iPod, a Nook, a Kindle, a big screen TV or a Smartphone. These items appeal to a wide variety of people and can be used for many applications. An additional incentive is to add value to the prizes with some popular songs or books added to the device.  To make the cost of the raffle inexpensive, its best if these kind of prizes are donated.

Luxury travel packages ignite excitement within people because many people love the extravagance of experiencing a new location with the added value of a free hotel, spa, and food without any expense. Whether the travel package is out of the country to the Louvre in France, or to a relaxing local resort, people want a weekend getaway to escape from their day-to-day lives.

Homemade gift baskets are appealing as they are visually unique and variously themed.  It is something the community can donate and can be made from anything to fit a wide audience. For an education theme, a “cake assortment” made from school supplies would appeal to a student or a teacher. Candy bouquets, ice cream sundae baskets, or cake mix and baking tools within a decorated tin all would fit an audience who has a sweet tooth.

Most people like going to local stores, restaurants, and attractions and it is always nice when it is at a discount! That is why gift certificates are great raffle prizes because they are free cash to a local attraction. These places can be a location a person can frequently or a place someone would like to visit. Usually local venues are willing to donate some gift certificates for raffles. Gift cards or certificates are accessible because they can be made to fit any audience. For example, if the audience were a family, gift certificates to a local grocery store, zoo, aquarium, or museum would be very appealing.

Prizes are the driving force behind a successful raffle. What all these prizes have in common is that they are desirable to a wide audience because they are so customizable and that the raffle ticket would be the most inexpensive to obtain these items. This value makes a person want to buy a raffle ticket.

More intriguing prizes make an individual want to buy a raffle ticket, which in turn brings more profit and attention to the organization, and it’s cause or goal. This makes raffles a great and fun fundraiser for any organization.


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Contributed by Carrigail Abanes