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Raffle Fundraising Tips 101 by Margaret Bryan

Raffle Fundraising Tips 101 by Margaret Bryan


Non-profit organizations can benefit from raffle ticket sales in many different ways. One way is to raise money for itself. It can also use raffle tickets to raise money for other charities. For example, two of my best friends are involved with a civic organization that helps raise money for various children’s organizations. Because of these two wonderful people, I have been able to see up close how the money that they raised directly affected the health and wellness of children in our community. What surprised me the most was how they raised the money. It was through raffle ticket sales.

During one of the outings I made with these friends to various hospitals to visit the children's wards, I made a suggestion that maybe they should have the members be able to sell raffle tickets in advance of the event where the winning tickets will be chosen. The next week later, my friend told me that they are going to have any member who would like to, carry tickets around in order to sell them. This group now asks its members to always have raffle tickets on hand to be able to sell them at any time. The group starts selling tickets a month in advance and not only does it get word out about the charity that they want to help, but it also gets word out about the event where the winning tickets are drawn. This suggestion has also helped them to increase the number of raffle tickets purchased and it has also inspired others to donate larger prizes.

The prizes for raffles seem to be what drives the desire for people to buy tickets. A suggestion to increase the quality or even quantity of prizes is to ask anyone and everyone. I understand that this seems like a very simple suggestion and one that everyone should be doing at all times, but it’s a suggestion that I think people do not like to follow through. It is not always an easy thing to be able to approach different people to ask them to donate a prize. But, the worst anyone can say when asked to donate a prize is no. If the person asking realizes and accepts that, then that person can ask anyone.

Another suggestion is to be specific when asking for donations. Not everyone or business has an idea of what it could offer as a prize. It is also a good idea to be open to different prizes than what was asked for. This can open up opportunities in the future for more donations that could one day include what was originally asked for.

Another suggestion regarding the prizes is to have them come out of the community. So not only will the organization be getting the word out of their charity, like in my friend's case, but it will also help to promote the community. And it can help to boost the economy in the community.

Motivating the raffle ticket sellers can be a difficult thing to do. One suggestion could be to have a prize for the person who sells the most. It could be a prize that was donated, or it could be something else. Another way to help promote sales is to acknowledge, in some way, the people that were on the front lines of the raffle, possibly before the winning tickets are drawn.

Another way to help motivate sellers to sell raffle tickets is to remind them of what it is ultimately for. It is to help others with a need. When a person understands why they are doing something, and the reason is to help, then people are typically inclined to help a little more.


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Contributed by Margaret Bryan