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Raffle Fundraising for Churches by Alejandro Perez

Raffle Fundraising for Churches by Alejandro Perez



 The non-profit organization that I will be focusing on are church groups. There are many ways where a group can spread the word out and try to get people to buy raffle tickets. You can use social media like facebook, twitter, and other resources to spread the word. TV commercials are a good way of spreading the word to buy raffle tickets. The only problem for church groups is that not a lot of people will spend their time watching a commercial for church raffle. I also think they will have a hard time spreading the word through social media. What church groups should do to maximize raffle ticket productivity is hold public events for their community. For example they should have festivals for certain days of their religious calendar. It is great for the communities to come together and enjoy events that the churches provide for them.

During those events, that is when the groups should pass out raffle tickets to the community. The people passing out the raffle tickets should be very persuasive people in order to maximize profit and productivity. Especially for church groups who depend the majority of their money through donations. Unless they provide private schooling for kids. The raffle tickets should vary in price for people who have low income can afford to buy one. The grand prize for that raffle should be reasonable and coincides with the ticket price. Selling raffle tickets should be sold in appropriate weather conditions. For example selling raffle tickets around winter time is not a smart way to selling tickets because you will only get your occasional buyers. To maximize profit you need as many new buyers as possible. So around spring or the summer is when people are mostly out, so the selling process should be planned accordingly.

The prizes should be something of value, like a signed jersey from a professional sports player. That should stimulate more people to buy raffle tickets because of the value of the prize. I have seen people enter into a raffle and the grand prize was a gift card from Applebee’s. If it is going to be a gift card, it has to be a higher class restaurant. Also, sell tickets accordingly to the grand prize. If the grand prize is a signed jersey, then bump up the ticket price of the raffle to accommodate that. Otherwise you will not be able to make a profit if you make the ticket prices too low.

 A good way to stimulate volunteers is through rewards. Rewarding the volunteers, from a business standpoint, would bring more volunteers the coming years. I know it might sound bad because the volunteers are doing it because of the reward, but in the end you will have a lot more people to volunteer and a lot more profit. I am also not talking about a monetary reward, maybe a certificate or maybe a gift card for repeating volunteers. In turn, the volunteers will enhance on their marketing skills and teach new volunteers on how to do it. Just as much it is competitive during the raffle, it should be competitive for the volunteers as well. Give a bigger reward to the person with the highest amount of tickets sold. In turn, the person will come back next time to achieve it again. In the end all the proceeds will go the church, so it will help the church group out a lot.


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Contributed by Alejandro Perez