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Raffle Fundraising a Great Way to Raise Money in a Fun and Unique Way by Lauryn Bille

Raffle Fundraising  a Great Way to Raise Money in a Fun and Unique Way by Lauryn Bille


Raffle fundraising has always been successful and a great way to raise money in a fun and unique way.

When I was younger my gymnastics would have a ‘carnival’ type fair in the gym for anyone who wanted face painting, trampoline fun, floor tents, and a bunch of other games and every carnival profits would go towards a cause.

One year my gymnastics was fundraising for the Special Olympics and along with the carnival, a raffle was also held. The raffle went on about a week before the carnival but the winners were announced during the carnival. My role in this raffle was to try and sell tickets to my school friends, family and anyone else I could get interested. Each family did the same and also contributed money to buy different baskets of prizes so there could be multiple-winners.

There were three baskets and a couple leotards that were given away so the gymnastics family would be interested too. I was amazed with how much money was fundraised and how people were more willing to buy a raffle ticket when they knew there were prizes involved.

Overall the raffle had made about 5,000 with each ticket costing about $3. All money raised was donated to the Special Olympics where they made good use of the money. The gym was not informed with what they had done with all the money but I am sure it was used for a good cause. This experience was very eye opening to me. During this I was very young and I was just being introduced to fundraising, which is why I might have such a passion towards helping people now.

I had realized that if everyone makes a small contribution it can make such a big difference and I believe that raffle tickets are a really good way to carry that out. 

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Contributed by Lauryn Bille

September 16, 2015