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Raffle Fundraisers to Generate Funding for Non Profit Organizations by Lyndale Humphries

Raffle Fundraisers to Generate Funding for Non Profit Organizations by Lyndale Humphries


Raffle fundraisers are great ways to generate funding for non- profit organizations; they can be used for almost every event, cause, program, community and group being served. Participating in raffle fundraisers not only bring excitement for everyone involved but also brings about positive changes; the proceeds are used for a specific cause that in turns help others.  Organizations can maximize the sales of their raffle tickets by contacting local businesses in order to establish relationships, promote their cause and leave marketing material that encourages tickets sales. This is a great way to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets while promoting their services/goods.  Organizations can partner with local businesses by soliciting services or products that can be used as raffle prizes. This is a win-win opportunity because the business can write the donation off as a gift to a 501(c)3 organization while helping an organization generate funding and support.  One product or service provided by a business can generate more customers by word of mouth advertisement and help an organization serve a group and community.

Identifying popular services or goods that are most utilized by consumers are great starting points for targeting businesses such as beauty salons, spas, barber shops, and restaurants to solicit for assistance with your fundraising efforts. The type of prize will help determine the cost of the raffle ticket in order to stimulate sales for the organization. The cause and prize will encourage people to purchase more than one raffle ticket.

Social media is a great way to market raffle tickets, especially if local relationships are established. Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram not only provides free awareness and marketing efforts for the organization, it motivates more businesses to volunteer, and helps businesses generate traffic by being listed as ticket locations to thousands of people and all at the click of a button! When a non-profit organization can help a business grow, it creates lasting relationships and future support from the business and their customers.

Businesses can truly derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefits by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts by giving a service or good away as the prize. Promoting their service or goods as a raffle prize can bring in new customers and excite loyal customers by giving them the opportunity to have something they like from a company they trust. Depending on the type of prize, a business may want to give a portion of the proceeds to an organization in order to establish a relationship. Consumers will seek interest in a business if there is a known relationship with an organization that serves a group or community. F or instance, if a beauty salon offers a free haircut as part of a raffle to support an organization, everyone associated with that organization will know about the beauty salon and will be likely to inquire and/or seek out a service or good from that salon.

Businesses can also use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram to drive their marketing efforts in seconds! Raffle fundraisers are exciting and can make differences in communities, organizations, consumers and businesses. Raffle tickets represent much more than fundraisers, they represent relationships! Raffle tickets help businesses and organizations market their services and causes. Raffle fundraising should not be just an option for a business or organization but a necessity for building relationships, marketing efforts, generating support and funding.


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Contributed by Lyndale Humphries