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Raffle Fundraisers Are an Amazing Way to Raise Money For Any Kind of Cause by Hayden Parr

Raffle Fundraisers Are an Amazing Way to Raise Money For Any Kind of Cause by Hayden Parr


Raffles may not usually be the first thing to come to mind when people think of setting up a fundraiser, but raffles are actually very effective.  Many times, large amounts of money are raised due to the incentive-based nature of raffles.  Raffles give donors a chance at tangible incentives in the form of prizes, alongside the intangible incentive of donating to a worthy cause.  Due to the high potential of raffles, those coordinating the fundraiser must consider three main components in order to be successful.  One, they must consider ways to maximize raffle ticket sales.  Two, they must come up with prizes that encourage and stimulate ticket sales.  Finally, they must find ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets.


The main goal of a raffle fundraiser is to collect a certain amount of money for a specific cause.  Because raffle ticket sales are how money is collected, efforts must be made to maximize the number of tickets sold.  As is the case in any fundraiser, raffles need to have an end goal and a target audience.  Creating a goal and communicating it to the recognized target audience is the first step in selling tickets.  People will feel better about donating money when they can see how much they are contributing and when they feel connected to the cause.  An important way of getting the word out is what modes of communication are being used.  Social networks, blogs, radio ads, hand-out flyers, posters in areas saturated with the target audience, and word-of-mouth communication are just a few ways to help spread the message and increase ticket sales.  One way to increase donations that is unique to raffles is creating an event.  The event can be specifically for the target audience or even community wide.  Having an event, such as a barbeque, attracts people to come not only for the prizes and cause involved, but also for social interaction and entertainment.  Maximizing ticket sales is the way for raffles to maximize money raised.


Raffle fundraisers are set apart from other fundraisers in that they offer donors a chance to win a variety of prizes.  Prizes are sometimes the biggest reason people are drawn to participate in a fundraiser.  Due to this fact, it is necessary that the prizes offered in a fundraiser help encourage and stimulate ticket sales.  One way for this to happen is to make the prizes relevant to the organization hosting the fundraiser.  Having a connection between the prizes and organization will appeal to the raffle's target audience.  Also, making prizes relevant to the cause involved is important.  Working these two tactics together may be able to help even more.  For example, a church may be hosting a raffle to raise money for the hungry in an impoverished country.  The raffle prizes offered could be various baked goods made by church members.  Prizes don't always have to have a special connection with the organization or cause.  Many raffles are successful due to the giving away of “big ticket” items such as televisions, iPods, bicycles, and other high priced goods.  Finding the right prizes for a raffle can sometimes be the factor in a fruitful or fruitless fundraiser.


The third important factor for a successful raffle fundraiser is finding a way to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets.  Volunteers play a key role in the marketing and collecting of donations for a raffle fundraiser.  The success of a raffle can fall on the volunteers; therefore, properly motivating them is essential.  The best way to encourage the volunteers is to provide them with an incentive.  This could be done in giving free raffle tickets, a complimentary lunch held only for them, or gift cards with increments based on performance.  Since volunteers are critical for marketing and sales, providing a proper reward is vital.


Raffle fundraisers are an amazing way to raise money for any kind of cause.  Maximizing raffle ticket sales is the biggest goal of any raffle fundraiser, so coming up with creative ways to increase purchases is of utmost importance.  Prizes are a unique part of raffles, and including great prizes will always help a raffle's success.  Finally, motivating volunteers can be an effective way to grow a raffle fundraiser.

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Contributed by Hayden Parr

December 11, 2015