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Raffle Business Marketing Stands Out by Charles Keeling

Raffle Business Marketing Stands Out by Charles Keeling


Business finds itself in a constant struggle to find and retain customers now more than ever. A driving difference can be found by fostering camaraderie and good will through give-aways such as raffles in their marketing efforts.

Considerable benefit can follow those businesses who reach for these efforts.

Raffles invest the participant with alternate ways to interact with whatever stake they had from other dealings with a company. For instance a customer that has recently bought an amount of food from a large chain grocer could receive an automatic entry into a drawing displayed on their receipt. They would then have to be present within a certain period of time in order to have a chance to win various prizes. This concept would drive sales, increase loyalty, provide free/cheap word of mouth advertising, intermingle and benefit from an online presence and give an alternate take on an otherwise normal experience.

Customers are loyal with any business that provides a competitive product (price/service/etc.). Having add on value can help see a product in this light, especially if a raffle with appropriate value was a keystone to this. Going back to the grocer example; if a raffle that gave away multiple set dollar amounts to be used in the store as long as you return at set times then the customer immediately can show up for ongoing benefit. If the raffle included many winners or had regular winnings then it would also bring repeat customers who wish to have as many stakes in these raffles. With this retention would be greatly improved, especially if you had a sufficient working incentive structure. Marketing work with social media, radio, television, printed media and others all can extol the benefits of playing to win one of the many offered prizes.

Aside from consumer goods stores other companies can see genuine retention and loyalty from raffle drawings. Car companies can offer raffle attempts to view vehicles and other promotional items on internet sites or in their showrooms. Internet/cable providers could send out raffle numbers with their bills and allow extra investment beyond that simple transaction. Again as long as its appropriate and tantalizing enough then customers will have little reason to not increase retention/loyalty rates.

Marketing can be a difficult task. Mailboxes overflow with superfluous duplicate advertisement, radio/television advertisements can seem to merge together and lose individual meaning. Having specificity and real incentive in raffle offerings is a dramatic benefit. From personal experience I have paid attention to drawings held online/television/print media in many cases more so than other traditional marketing interactions. Raffles are exciting, raffles place extra value on interaction, raffles are frankly different than the standard fare seen for most companies. Anything that stands out quickly receives undivided attention. If that thing standing out is of value to the customer then they take notice and they remain customers. Customers who get to 'double dip' positive interactions via the initial sale plus possible residuals take notice and are loyal. Marketing tools are as variable as marketing team members, raffling as much as any other technique can make a difference.


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Contributed by Charles Keeling

September 2, 2015