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Questions to Ponder Before Holding a Raffle Fundraiser by David Wylie

Questions to Ponder Before Holding a Raffle Fundraiser by David Wylie



 In order to be an effective raffle ticket fundraiser, one must ask themselves a series of questions. What characteristics create an inspirational leader? How should a leader plan, lead, organize, and control a situation. Why should an individual become a leader in any group? Lao Tzu a philosopher and poet of China stated “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. I have been in various management positions in religion and job purposes. I first experienced my first leadership position in church, where I was born and raised. As youth leader my tasks were to schedule all youth programs, or events such as the time of diner and conferences. Plan the road trips at the end of every third month in a year, and raise the money through fundraisers. Lastly, at the end of each month, I was delegated to lead our conferences which required motivating the young people to continue to strive for excellence.

 Although this was the first of my leadership journeys, I learned that young people are hoping to simply express themselves according to the situations of their life. Furthermore, the leader of the programs must prepare all expected allegations in a timely manner which requires the personal expectation of numerous responsible choices and action. For example, the raffle fundraiser ticket events was a challenging experience because the youth were constantly busy with other important issues such as school, work , etc. However I was involved with planned events for the youth to relax from the stresses of life by creating games such as ping pong or bowling. The rules were that the winners would receive raffle tickets based on the points they gained in a game but prizes were still given for the young people that attended in order to encourage both winners and losers. Compliments were also provided for free such as pizza, tacos, and hot dogs in order to truly have the perfect experience. Communities are truly supposed to be a strong bond between fellow citizens in the land of the brave and home of the free. However the best way to make a difference in my community is to freely give back to those that helped me first. I am honored to be involved with my community and thrive to shine even in the darkest hour to be an example to other young people in my community.

 Overall, I have learned that a leader should be characterized as assertive, confident, passionate about their role, creative, and optimistic to encourage the surrounding people and create a positive environment. Although I didn’t have all these characteristics, I slowly began to diminish my flaws such as pride and fear of failure which helped make me become the leader I am today. A leader should plan, lead, organize, and control a situation with at least three different ideas in case one of the options proves unfavorable. Finally an individual in a group should become a leader if they are willing to take a stand when the situation seems to be at its worst stage. However, an individual will never realize he or she is a leader until they begin to pursue the opportunity.  


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Contributed by David Wylie, Jr.