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Proposal For a Successful Raffle by Alexandra Cruz

Proposal For a Successful Raffle by Alexandra Cruz


Fundraising is one of the most important things within philanthropic organizations. Whether it's a small youth group or a major non-profit it is important for these organizations to find ways to fundraise money. One way to fundraise is through raffles. Raffles is a great way to fundraise and if it is plan and executed properly it would bring great profits to the organizations. The success of a raffle depends on the amount of tickets sold, the prize, and the …. The following is a proposal on what I believe it will create a successful raffle.

Profit is made from a raffle through the tickets that are sold. The more tickets sold the more profit an organization will make. A way to increase the amount of tickets sold is through marketing. Now a days people are in social media and the organizations can market through social media or through other types f marketing tools. It could even be market through word of mouth.

Organizations should also look into marketing the vent with their previous donors. It is important for a raffle to be promoted because that's how they can get more people to buy. People would not only buy a ticket for the prize, but also because they want to give back to their community so the more people that know the more successful the raffle becomes. Another way to increase ticket sales is by making sure that the prize of the ticket is reasonable. For example a ticket should not be sold for 400.00 if the prize is an IPAD mini that could be bought for less. The prize also needs to be something that is high in demand and something that can be used by both men and women. This will also increase the amount of tickets sold.

The prize plays an important part in a raffle so it is important to pick the "right" prize. I believe that the following prizes would increase ticket sales: A car, a paid vacation, a basket that includes multiple "small" prizes, electronics, an article autograph by a famous artist, or a gift card among others. It is also important to ask for business to donate these items. If the prize is donated to the organization then it would reduce the amount of money that is use for this event and it would increase the amount of money that is gained from this event.

Not only is it important to have a good prize and to sell as much tickets as possible, but it is also important to have volunteers help out with a raffle. Volunteers are the people that will most likely be selling the tickets so it is important to encourage them as well. Usually volunteers work with a non-profit, youth groups, church groups because they believe in their mission and that is a great way to motivate them but there are other things that could be done to incentivize the volunteers. A prize could be created for the person or group of people that sell the most tickets. The prize for the volunteers should also be obtained as a donation.

A raffle can be very successful within non-profits and youth groups as well as fun. The proposal listed above is just one way to make a raffle effective but there are many other ways that philanthropic organizations can create a successful raffle.

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Contributed by Alexandra Cruz