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Preparing For a Charitable Event by Deborah Bishop

Preparing For a Charitable Event by Deborah Bishop

There were days throughout high school where I would see flyers on the walls about different fundraiser events for athletic teams. Our band and JROTC members would go around the school asking people to buy fruits, coupons and other things to raise money for uniforms and trips.

In and outside of school, there are always people doing fundraisers for good causes like charities for cancer, feeding the homeless and other important causes. These types of fundraisers will be founded outside of stores.

One of the fundraisers could be for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. Where boy scouts sell different boxes of popcorn while the girl scouts sell different types of cookies. The money that these organizations raise will go towards their trips or whatever they have in mind to do.

When preparing for a charitable event, it is always important to spread the word so people will know ahead a time to donate to your fundraising event. There are many ways to spread the word for your fundraising event. There are ways that a non-profit organization could be beneficial. It is very important to get the community involved in the fundraising event because you have to make sure that everyone cares about others besides you. If you care, then everyone else would care too.

This is also a great opportunity for the community to socialize so they can get to know each other and to see who else cares about the people they are raising money for. The money that is raised can be beneficial to the community by rebuilding buildings, houses, play grounds and other things that are useful.

In order to make people feel interested in donating for the fundraiser, I would advise you to paraphrase your words so they can feel persuaded and interested. This is because they might turn you down if you don’t convince them to do something that would be a benefit to the community or a charity. Make sure you always tell them thank you at the end of their donation because if you don’t, they may feel like you don’t appreciate for what they did and they might not want to donate anything ever again. Another thing is to tell the donators what charity they are donating to in case they don’t know or it is not advertised.

Choose your words wisely when or if you want to ask for volunteers to help you with the fundraising event. You should do this because if you persuade them to do it, then they would feel like oh I will do this just to give back to the community. After all of the donators donated to the community or the charity, if you have social media accounts or a fundraising website, you should give a shout out to them saying thank you for those who have donated, we appreciate your donation(s) the people that we gave the donations to say thank you.

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Contributed by Deborah Bishop

December 9, 2015